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My daughter-in-law smeared some white wine on the persimmons, and at first blamed her for being too wasteful, and finally I praised her for her ability

When it comes to persimmons, what flashes in front of everyone’s eyes is red, like a lantern, soft, sweet, a bite to go down, full of mouth and even full of its sweet flesh. In fact, there is also a kind of persimmon, basically green, or with a little red, it tastes crisp and delicious, it is the lazy persimmon we are going to talk about today, also called crisp persimmon.

The method of lazy persimmons is simple. I remember when I was a child, after rural people plucked persimmons from trees, they would pick out the injured or broken ones and put the good ones into jars (preferably in clay pots) lazy persimmons, but there must be no water or oil in the jar, otherwise persimmons are easy to rot. Boil a pot of boiling water, and when the water is cold, pour it into the jar, the water should not exceed persimmons. Then seal the mouth of the can, and wait 3-5 days to eat the crisp and sweet persimmons.

If you want to eat soft and sweet persimmons, there is another way that is also good, green and simple. The method is to put the picked persimmons and apples into a sealed bag, and the persimmons will gradually become soft. Some people also mix persimmons with some fresh pears, apples, pomegranates and some fresh leaves, put them in an airtight container, and the astringency can be removed after about a week.

Lazy persimmons also make “warm persimmons”, which is a more technical job. Generally, after lunch the day before, add water to the cooking black pot without persimmons, and then add a small amount of edible alkali noodles, heat it to about 30-40 degrees over low heat, try to maintain this temperature, continue to warm up when the water is cold, and you can eat it in about 12 hours. I remember that my mother did it this way when I was a child, and all night in winter, my mother had to get up to heat the water after sleeping for a while, which was very hard, but the persimmons tasted very sweet.

There is also a particularly simple and practical method, that is, just pour a little liquor directly on the persimmon. This method was learned by my wife from the Internet. Pick the persimmons when they are not fully ripe and some hard (if they are soft, the persimmons will be pecked by birds and wasted), spread a little white wine on the persimmons (the location is probably the place where the small leaves above the persimmons) are placed, and put them in a cool place, the persimmons will be red and soft in 7-9 days, and the persimmons have a special fragrance.

I remember that the grandmother next door to my hometown will also have a lazy persimmon method, that is, pick the persimmons from the tree, put them in rice bran for 4-5 days, and the persimmons will become soft and sweet.

Autumn is here, teach you 6 ways to lazy persimmons, sweet and crisp, the fastest morning to do in the evening. Have you learned? You can also try it that weekend, it’s guaranteed to be crispy and sweet.

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