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For men to wear taste, if there is no pair of tasteful and grade leather shoes blessing, then everything is not perfect, when it comes to leather shoes, many boys will think that this is the shoes that dad will wear, but in the development of today’s leather shoes are not the exclusive products of the elderly, more and more young people are also beginning to pursue him, leather shoes elegant retro style in line with contemporary trends, and the style of leather shoes is getting younger and younger, more and more variety, so which brands are classic? The following Xiaozhijun will be several classic leather shoe brands customized by hand for the majority of men’s Amway, and the appearance and practicality coexist~


This men’s shoe brand is more retro, he is a classic men’s shoe brand, his shoes are the main Goodyear process, this process is in the sewing stage of leather shoes using Goodyear along the sewing machine for leather shoes sewing, this process makes the shoe pressure resistance and wear resistance are very good, the biggest feature of this leather shoes is the exhaust function of the shoes, for men with sweaty feet, this pair of shoes is suitable, he is also very close to the feet after the feet, walking is very comfortable, its leather is horsehide material , not easy to deform, its color is the traditional plant color and skin process, the color is bright and natural, the color is very good, very elegant one.

2.John Lobb

The whole process of the production of this shoe is measured by hand, the production process is very precise and rigorous, his shoes are customized, there is no ready-made shoes, this shoe is very classic by the gentlemen and nobles love and pursuit, he is also the royal shoes, his leather shoes are also very many, the overall design is simple and generous, the upper made of pure leather is not easy to deform, the color of the shoes is also very natural and textured, after wearing it full of aristocratic gentlemanly atmosphere.


This shoe is also a classic century-old brand, his family’s shoe production is also Goodyear craftsmanship, each pair of its leather shoes are handmade by professional shoemakers, customers can provide different styles, choose different leather, shoe lasts and various details, including different accessories, edge color and sole thickness, everything is for the customer, in his home can meet all your fantasies about leather shoes, his family’s shoes production is very low, so it is particularly precious, his shoes are very personal, very suitable for young men to wear, Colors and styles are also diverse, suitable for different occasions, different ages, very versatile.


This is a relatively young leather shoe brand, its design is more bold and fashionable, very personal, wearing very age-reducing, more suitable for young men, his leather shoes production can be described as ingenious, its hand-stitching are shoemakers purely hand-sewn, the quality is incomparable to other brands, it is known as “never take off the thread” leather shoes, its style is more retro, its color is painted by coating multiple layers of leather dye, very textured, the overall shoe production is very complicated, So the price is also more expensive.


This shoe is a more classic century-old shoes, it pioneered the hottest tassel elements in today’s fashion circle, and applied it to the design of shoes, it is highly sought after by US presidents and dignitaries, can be said to be a star product, it is a symbol of taste and status, this leather shoe is known as a timeless classic, its style and color are very retro, it is the only brand that has maintained its own characteristics for many years, and will not be eliminated by the trend, and is still very popular.


This leather shoe is also purely handmade, its production process from the beginning of cutting, sewing to the final polishing, are complex, very precise, full of details, his style are closely following the fashion trend, so very young and trendy, it is also a star product, sought after by the majority of men, its soles are hand-dyed oak bark tanned outsole, soft sole is very comfortable to wear, very good breathability, shoe support is particularly good, not easy to deform, leather is also very soft, Put on a gentlemanly atmosphere.