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Recently, when I went out shopping, I found that every 10 minutes I could see someone wearing “velvet”, and there were really many fashionable young ladies. This autumn and winter is really a good time to wear velor, the velor that grandma used to wear is finally retro this year!

The unique material of velor always gives a noble impression, so many people feel that velor is too pearlescent for daily wear, but this year, velor has become a fashion darling. Let’s share a few gold velvet dresses for everyone, let’s take a look together, and collect them if you like them!

Gold velvet dress with stylish long sleeves and floral underneath

The retro dignified floral dress, with its smooth lines and stretched fit, highlights the curves and elegant posture of the female figure well. The three-dimensional cheongsam collar design is sexy and charming, and fits the neck line well. The retro pattern is classic and atmospheric, with bright colors, giving people an aesthetic visual enjoyment. The sleeves are designed with long sleeves to define the line of the arms and make it casual. Panels hem for light luxury fashion.

High-end gold velvet dress slim to show thin temperament, noble skirt

Gold velvet dress, romantic retro, slim and thin. Concealed zipper, stretch and lining, waist tie, warm and good-looking. The sexy V-neck is paired with an invisible zipper on the back for easy onning and doffing, showing a vintage charm. Cinch the waist tie to show off your slim figure.

Mrs. Kuo’s high-end V-neck slim A-line floral gold velvet dress

Patchwork high-waisted gold velvet dress for loose intellectuality and warmth and good looks. The pattern of burning flowers makes the overall style very dazzling. Sexy collar, with an invisible zipper on the back, easy to put on and take off, full of retro charm. Contrast panels add a vintage touch. Comfortable long sleeves, simple and versatile, define the arm line, casual and elegant.

Chinese ethnic style gold velvet long dress embroidered loose oversize slim mom dress

National style gold velvet dress, literary retro, retro three-dimensional embroidery, classical design sense, beautiful. The slim fit with a cinched waist can handle all body shapes. Vintage stand collar, conforming to the neck line, classic Chinese style, adding an elegant look. The flowing skirt is exposed, highlighting the beautiful leg line.

The printed velvet bottom skirt has a slender A-line skirt

Patchwork gold velvet dress, vintage romance, very temperamental to wear. Elegant high neck, more warm, fit the neck curve, lengthen the neck line beautiful, vintage charm. Simple pockets for a slim figure, casual and natural upper body. Velvet burnt flowers, vintage charm.

Light mature style waist to show thin temperament, high-end skirt, floral gold velvet long-sleeved dress

Black is a mature and stable color, versatile and not picky. Simple and generous round neck, flattering the white neck line. Belt, outlining the curves. The side side is designed with a large slender and slender beautiful leg, and the proportion of the body is elongated.

Fashionable gold velvet high-end luxury plus-size dresses are noble and elegant

A very versatile temperament dress, the upper body is structured and stylish, the shape is aura, elegant and simple, romantic and fashionable. Comfortable high neck, neck flattering, warm and comfortable. Straight long sleeves, define the arm line, show off the slim arm. Sexy split skirt that flatters the leg shape and looks slender. Skin-friendly and soft fabric, comfortable and stylish.

Ethnic style embroidered cheongsam stand collar cinched waist gold velvet dress

Embroidered gold velvet dress, elegant and vintage, wear a small man’s waist. Slim waist, show comfort. The dignified Chinese small stand collar, coupled with Chinese-style handmade buckles, is elegant with a retro charm. Straight cuffs define the arms and retract freely.

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