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Whether you’re trimming tricky rose bushes, pulling weeds, or digging soil by hand, there’s a gardening glove

Before you work, know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” glove that will satisfy everyone


Function. However, depending on your personal gardening style and how you plan to grow, there is also an ideal pair of gloves (or two), and we’re here to help you find it.

Here, we’ve collected our top ten garden gloves, which are the best of their class for various gardening tasks.

Rose gloves, patio gloves

The best trimmed: Womanswork rose gloves patio gloves

Ladies, protect your arms from stabbing and thorns with these attractive leather gloves. Custom-cut for women, the hands are made from soft and durable pigskin and the arms are made of super strong goat leather to protect you from twigs.

Model garden trimming gloves

These elbow gloves made of goat and cowhide perform the same function as above, but are perfect for both men and women. Bonus: The leather is treated with lanolin oil, and it will actually moisturize your hands when you wear it – no broken gardener hands for you!

Dig dirt by hand, not gardening tools

Hand-dug ideal: garden elves

Because sometimes, it is easier and more fun to dig the soil by hand instead of using gardening tools. If this is your philosophy, then these are yours. Garden elf gloves are made of waterproof and puncture-resistant latex for easy cleaning and ideal for clamping. Their durable plastic claws can also dig small holes to gently transplant plants by hand. Perfect for both men and women.

Second skin gloves

Best dexterity: Second skin gloves

Some gardening gloves are so thick that you can barely feel the work in your hands, making the task of handling small seeds and seedlings more difficult. That’s why we love these intimate minimalist gloves for women to keep your hands safe. Their long cuffs are dustproof and treated with UPF 50 coating to keep your skin safe from the sun.

Second layer of skin

Best dexterity: Atlasnitrile gloves

Guys, we also have a minimalist glove! Just like the gloves above, these fits act like a second layer of skin, allowing you to feel what you’re doing while keeping your hands dry and providing great grip thanks to its nitrile coating. Perfect for both men and women.

Helps keep hands cool

Most stylish: Burgon & Ball garden gloves

These women’s gloves are high performance and have a style. An extension mesh between your fingers helps keep your hands cool and flexible, while the padded leather palm provides extra cushioning and an adjustable wrist strap keeps dust and debris out.

Machine washable cotton gloves will do the trick

The most beautiful: Anthropologie flower gardening gloves

We get it: for some, style can’t sit in the back seat. If gardening is a weekend hobby and you’re mostly contrived with pots or small containers, these beautiful, machine-washable cotton gloves will do the trick. They are light weeding well, but will not stop thorns and will not prevent blisters that use heavily of garden tools.

Synthetic leather palm and double reinforced thumb and forefinger

Most ladies: floral twill gardening gloves

While not as tough as all the leather-trimmed gloves above, these floral beauties do protect against scratches, pests, and sun exposure, and they’re machine washable. Synthetic leather palms and double reinforced thumb and forefinger keep hands protected.

Goat leather is one of the most piercing and hard-wearing types of leather

Ultra-long-lasting: American heritage perfect gardener’s gloves

Goat leather is one of the most piercing and hard-wearing types of leathers while still being super soft and flexible, which makes them perfect for gardening gloves. We love that these gloves, especially their simple and seamless palms, never rub us the way. Perfect for both men and women.

Designed by an orthopedic surgeon

Ultra-durable: Bionic tough Pro gloves

Perhaps this is the trickiest of these heavy gloves (designed by orthopedic surgeons!). Made from goatskin leather, it adds a shock-absorbing palm padding that reinforces the silicone material on the palms, thumbs and fingertips. Designed for men, but some sizes may be suitable for women.