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Hello~ Hello everyone! I am Xiao Yi who loves fashion, and I want to dress with everyone Fu Jing in this issue, Fu Jing wears fashion in this autumn and winter every day! Versatile black cotton clothes, sure enough, it is a favorite, let’s take a look!

Low-key black cotton clothing is definitely common in autumn and winter, and the dirt-resistant color will always give people a low-key and calm feeling, so it is more common in the matching of men’s clothing, but in fact, low-key clothing in autumn and winter is also relatively common in women’s outfits. Looking at Fu Jing’s recent low-key outfits, it is always easier to make people feel excited.

Versatile black cotton clothing wearing advantages

The two colors of black and white types are more exquisite and fashionable, especially the wearing of autumn and winter clothing, low-key and exquisite cotton clothing with a more excellent sense of fashion, just like the simple clothing matching that many idols have liked recently, showing a different charm in various types of wear, look at Fu Jing’s recent outfit, versatile black cotton clothing with a little fashion in daily life, sure enough, it is the most popular match, learn together~

Look1: Long black cotton suit

Black long cotton clothing is a relatively warm clothing, looks simple to wear will appear more delicate, look at the recent more popular fashion clothing matching to know, long wrapped clothing for female stars or girls who like to wear skirts, is a more suitable matching item, looks warm and fashionable clothing will be more attractive. It’s like Fu Jing’s recent collocation, low-key with elegance.

The choice of long cotton clothing must be in a particularly cold situation, but in fact, there are many different choices for cotton clothing, just like Fu Jing’s versatile choice recently, in the exquisite long cotton clothing with relatively thin tight pants, also based on black design, so that low-key fashion outfits are more slender, such fashion outfits are really easier to show the delicacy of black cotton clothing.

Look2: Black cotton dress + small skirt

The short design of black cotton clothing is worn in autumn and winter clothing, and the expression of femininity will be relatively refreshing, and thick clothing requires such a delicate design. Look at Fu Jing’s recent outfits, simple and delicate clothing will be easier to express a sense of sophistication, especially short cotton clothing, compared to the long cotton clothing will appear more concise, such a dress will no wonder will cause so many people to love.

Low-key and exquisite daily clothing matching choose this type of design, like Fu Jing with a simple and low-key charm design, in the refreshing and fashionable display will always look particularly fashionable. Our daily matching needs to learn is a relatively simple matching, pure black color matching, plus a simpler design will be more outstanding, such autumn and winter clothing is lighter and generous, simple matching is more suitable for women’s gentle style.

Look3: Black cotton garment + satin shirt

Black cotton clothing is a versatile clothing, it seems that simple clothing to choose a simpler underwear, it is always easier to make the clothing show a full sense of fashion, especially with a more expensive underwear, simple and generous clothing matching is full of fashion and elegant charm, just like Fu Jing’s satin clothing, really heartwarming.

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