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At the beginning of the new year, “colorful head consumption” has become an option for many citizens during the New Year’s Day. During the festival, the reporter visited the jewelry and gold areas of major shopping malls and saw that many consumers were surrounded by the counters of many brands to buy gold and test gold, and there were many young consumers. In the choice of gold jewelry, lightweight and national style products are more popular.

Small gold jewelry is sought after by young people

At the “Ming Brand Jewelry” on the first floor of Universal Intime City, store manager Ms. Hu is weaving a bracelet for consumers, which is the sixth bracelet she knitted that day. With New Year’s Day and Chinese New Year approaching this year, the number of consumers buying New Year gold jewellery has also increased. Recently, more young people have bought all kinds of accessories, and the matching ropes have to be rotated by counter staff, and it is normal for each person to weave more than a dozen a day. “Young people’s requirements are no longer simple red ropes, but to highlight ‘individual fashions’ such as Chinese knots, red and green and other festive elements, and let us make peach blossom shapes.”

At her hand, the reporter saw a “small golden pearl” that sold for less than 100 yuan and was waiting to be “adopted”. Don’t look at the size is unremarkable, but it is one of the hottest gold jewelry items of the year, and it is sought after and loved by many young people. At the counter, the price of these small gold beads ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan, and many consumers buy several of them.

“It’s a typical product of choice for young consumers, and it’s trending on some social media. In addition to being added to the bracelet and ring to wear, many little girls will put it in a glass bottle and stock it up like a financial product. So it’s been selling particularly well lately, selling dozens of them a day. Ms. Hu said.

Antique gold jewellery is quietly popular

At the “Chow Tai Fook” counter, the reporter saw a pair of young people choosing the “three golds” for weddings, but in addition to choosing the traditional three-piece set, they will also select some ancient gold jewelry of Internet celebrities, such as phoenixes, dragons and phoenixes.

Miss Fan, the bride-to-be, told reporters that her wedding date was set for the first month, and she took advantage of the festival to come and see the gold jewelry in advance. “My mother also prepared for me, but they are all more traditional necklace rings, and the probability of being collected by me is relatively large. Because there is a set of Xiuhe clothes on the wedding day, and I am also a fan of Hanfu, I plan to buy some antique accessories. ”

There are many young consumers like Miss Fan. “Most consumers who buy phoenix come with notes from the ‘Little Red Book’, the traditional ‘three golds’ are the dowry given by the mother to the daughter, and the real thing is true, and now young people choose gold jewelry for marriage, it is more to match the overall look on the wedding day.” The counter worker said.

The reporter noticed that many gold brands will now launch “ancient gold”, this hand-processed traditional gold process, the shape is very suitable for matching the popular Hanfu of today’s young people, so it has also become a new object for their consumption. “Many young people will wear Hanfu to specially select the gold jewelry that suits them. The unit price of ancient gold products will generally be slightly higher, but those who like it will still pay. The counter staff added.

In order to capture the increasingly powerful young consumers, many gold jewelry brands will now take into account the preferences of young people in product development. In addition to being lightweight and delicate, some IP co-branded models are also popular. The brand’s Pony Paburi series, Chao Hongji’s Doraemon series, Xie Ruilin’s Snoopy series, etc., as well as the just-opened “Chow Tai Fook Club” Liujue Art Sculpture and other designer jewelry, high-value and cross-border styling design, meet the love of many young people who pursue individuality, and have also become a new vane for gold jewelry consumption.

Ningbo Evening News reporter Li Li correspondent Wang Yuan