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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Winter weight loss is time, slimming yoga allows you to practice at home can also lose weight, today we learn the slimming yoga posture – “Warrior One Style”.

First stand in the middle of the yoga mat, feet together, arms naturally down, mountain posture, mouth facing up, center of gravity on the left leg, inhale your right foot on the tiptoe, knee spread, raise the right leg up how high and high, stabilize your upper body. With the help of your right hand, place your right foot on the inner side of your left thigh, turn your heels slightly forward, spread your knees to the side, and keep your hips as high as possible.

Sit down with your right hip down and your left femur head in, so push the outside of your thighs firmly toward your midline, raise yourself up, and keep your shoulders relaxed. Inhale, open the hands sideways flatly, raise them up above the head, palms facing each other, fingertips extend strongly far away, little fingers drive slightly to turn in, the top of the head is raised up, shoulder blades are pulled in the direction of the hips, the navel is slightly tucked, the lower corners of the ribs should be pulled down and inward, stabilize your legs are clamped to the midline, feel like a belt stretched at both ends, stretch up the lower feet, big toes raised, toes to flat. When exhaling, the hand is not wide, untie the left leg above the right leg and put the center of gravity above your right leg, still when the tiger’s mouth is facing up and wide when breathing on both sides, open the left foot next to the toe, how high and high the left leg is up, with the help of the left hand, gently step on the inside of the right thigh, pay attention to see that your right leg does not tilt outward.

Also keeping the mountain legs vertically above the mat, the knees spread as far out as possible. This is also a hip-opening action. When inhaling well, raise the sides of the hands flat up above the head, palms facing each other, elbows are overstretched slightly, a little elbow fingertips are strongly extended upward, the eyes are level ahead, below, feet, inside the feet, be sure to step on, do not grab the toes, spread the toes well. Spread your toes flat, tuck your navel slightly, lower ribs and feet down and in, chest cage stretched up, untie your hands while breathing, return your left foot to the side of your right foot, return to the mountain city, stand in the middle of the yoga mat, stand in the mountains, bend your knees and elbows, and prepare for the menstrual period. Others exhaled and jumped away from the width of their shoulders to a leg length. Check with your head down, your toes are flat, the outside of your feet are parallel, and the mouth is facing up to assist the wide sides.

Look straight ahead, swing the toe of the right foot outward 45 degrees, buckle the heel inward 45 degrees, step on the big toe of the right foot, the left heel is lifted upwards, and the outward turn of 90 degrees is very good. Keep your eyes level ahead with your shoulders open. When exhaling, pedal the left leg, bend the right knee, hips vertically downward to do low, the front knee is facing the two or three toes, the front of the thigh is as parallel as possible, the big belly button circumference double macroscopic front side up to lift the tailbone, slightly lower rib lower corner down and in, after stabilization, inhale both hands and arms side up above the head, applause opposite. Elbow super extended the same slight flexion a little, the tips of the fingers extend forcefully upward, close the chin, the back of the head lean back, as far as possible to wear the front side and then lift up, do not press tightly to the lumbar spine, but the consciousness is a hip open posture, so try to balance the back of your body legs thigh front side push up is very good, knee socket to stretch, fingertips strong upward drive the body up to pedal straight, right leg turn foot forward, tiger mouth up auxiliary wide opposite sides practice left foot tip swing 45 degrees, pedal inside buckle 45 degrees, step on the left foot big toe, The right heel is lifted upwards, and the wideband movement is good to turn 90 degrees outward. Here, keep the spine stretched while inspiring.

When exhaling, press your right leg, bend your left knee, and make your hips low vertically downward. If the distance is not enough, slide your back with your legs, push the front of your thighs up, and spread your heels to pedal far. When inhaling, spread both hands on the side, raise them up above the head, palms facing each other, little fingers lead the arms to turn in a little bit, lift the hips up to the front side, do not step on the waist do not tighten, press to the lumbar vertebrae, the tailbone should go down to find the direction of the floor is very good, eyes level ahead, the front of the same thighs should be strong, to your left groin, the horizontal height of both hips is good, when inhaling, the arm drives up to stand up straight and turn the foot forward, how to go back, bend the knees and bend the elbows to prepare for the physiological period to return to other people to exhale, jump back to the mountain city. That’s the end of today’s warrior ceremony. Friends, have you learned?