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Author: Paste in the Floating World

The second original on Auntie.

Photography: The author himself, an Internet operation dog, most of the motivation for publishing articles comes from practicing photography and training in the later stage.

Model: milk tea, author’s roommate, Beijing designer, hobby of all kinds of women’s fashion products experience.

Camera bags: 3 Disana bags + 1 CHANEL shoulder bag

Shooting location: Rental room sofa in the small hall, with “Du Min Junxi” style bed linen bombardment explosion

Shooting time: The big night after work is tired into a dog, not true love will not work hard (meat)

Awareness of the brand

Domestic brand, Shenzhen, the name of the company is Deyuan, below there are Gario (some valuable friends have written original, the price is cheaper) and Danny Ette (have not heard) two brands, from the online information, the company employs foreign designers, and with foreign designers and daughters of the family story packaging, so was exposed “fake foreign brand” news, now look at this kind of news and information has been less, I guess is to change the brand strategy halfway, change the boutique domestic route. I heard that many big brands are pulled from Guangdong to the United States and then pulled back, turning from tofu to platinum, and being taxed so much, the cost performance of fine domestic products may be higher.

Get the first bag

Price: 1160 yuan. The first layer of cowhide, pressed checkered pattern, intellectual elegance. It is 330cm wide, 165cm thick, 260cm high, weighs 1kg, and can be carried on both shoulders and hands. There are three colors: blue, jujube red and beige. Blue and jujube red are relatively more ripe, so I decisively chose a versatile beige.

Dissona New women’s shoulder tote bag Top cowhide rhombus off-white…

Spring is coming, with jumpsuits, a sweater, and a pair of Christian Louboutin’s side-empty pointed heels, which reflect the fair skin, the pointed toe and shallow mouth stretch the whole person’s figure, making people look light and straight, and the thin heel connects with the ankle, outlining an elegant arc. Take a step or two, the wooden floor crunches dull twice, the red background is high-key, the nude color is restrained, and the pair of feet are so contradictory, it makes people feel furious. A pair of incomparably beautiful high heels will make you believe that there are so many incredibly beautiful women in this world, and you are one of them. There is no spring breeze for ten miles, and it is a little lucky to have some sexy pictures.

Here are the details of the show. Hardware, logo is relatively low-key.

Bottom –



Start with the second bag

Not an orthodox killer bag. The main thing is that there is not much decoration and it is simple. I chose orange because the color of the work clothes is monotonous, 370cm wide, and it can fit a 13-inch computer. Abundant inner pockets, front panel bags, back panel bags, silver bags, mobile phone pockets, inner side pockets. It was very entangled when I bought it, I bought five or six hundred before it, and the other brand, but unfortunately I didn’t like it after I got it, I returned it, and I thought about this and then refund, and the postage can be bought a bag. In the end, I chose to keep this one.

This bag is used until now, in fact, there are some complaints, one is originally coveting its size, looking at the size can fit the laptop, in fact, it is installed, but the hardware button can not be buttoned, the bag shape has become particularly ugly. The second is that although it can be carried on one shoulder, the strap is very short, and the mouth of the bag is under the armpit after carrying it, and once it is carried on one shoulder, the bag is completely out of shape, so in the end it can only be a handbag, which is really sad.

Dissona Fall/Winter New Fashion First Tier Cowhide Bag One Shoulder Crossbody Bag Genuine Leather Women’s Bag Killer Bag Women’s Big Bag…

Under normal conditions, the cross-striped cowhide is relatively hard and stylish.

All kinds of details are first shown in the Meitu Show, the photos are original, the shooting can be improved, welcome comments.

The rotating lock is full of metal, bright color, and not easy to fade. The side line is straight and even.

It is indeed a very low-key logo, almost can’t find it, but such a LOGO is really chilling.

The mouth of the bag actually has a magnet that can suck the cage and keep the bag shape, but it is really used, and it is not used for this egg.

There is no problem with a notebook with more than 13 inches to fit in, that is, variant + heavy

The packaging is like this, but it is not lost

Hang tag with counter price.

Let’s take a small photo, the black one is also Disana’s, can’t find a suitable background, just don’t shoot, give a link:

DISSONA new fashion solid color one shoulder hand-held cowhide women’s bag elegant intellectual fashion killer bag women’s bag black…

Usage experience


The hardware is bright and not easy to fade, the oil edge is better, and there is no damage after seven or eight months. There is basically no mezzanine on the outside, multiple layers inside, and various small compartments, formal and atmospheric, suitable for professional women over 28. Better than five or six hundred (you crap!) ), the so-called watching the food to eat, looking at the money to buy bags. There is the best choice for each price point, and among the domestic bags in the 1000 price range, Disanna is good.


The design is not perfect, and the details reflect the lack of skills. For example, the black one, like a combination of a smiley bag and a swing bag, but the metal part is too heavy, pressing the body, making the lower part easy to collapse and appear shapeless.

In addition, the more you use it, the more “old”, or this black baby, depreciation is fast, but the expensive good bag is the brighter the more you use leather, compare with the boss’s PRADA, casually stuff things into the bag, throw the bag casually, it is still shiny and beautiful – of course, I know that there is no comparison, but the gap must be said.

In the end, Disanna’s counters are still too expensive.

(The picture above is a network diagram)

Purchase experience sharing

1. There are differences in the prices of different styles on Jingdong and Tmall, if you want to start, pay attention to the comparison price;

2. The large-scale activities with the most favorable prices, currently observed: Double 11, Double 12, 38 Women’s Day, only occasionally some coupons after the 38th Festival,

Tmall has more activities, and stores often have coupons;

3, Jingdong prices and activities are not as frequent and powerful as Tmall, of course, if the aunt writes the original to earn gold coins to exchange for Jingdong gift cards, even if you earn it.

Cough, finally, I have to digress, in order to shoot this bag, I used a background that I super liked, and this background is actually this

It’s the gray bedding of this set of bedding