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This house is the owner has bought a hardcover house a few years ago, when the owner has not moved over, just the hardcover room is rented to his friends, now because of the adjustment of the work unit here is closer to the place of work, usually work and travel will be more convenient, so the owner decided to renovate this house and move over. The owner’s friend did not rent this house half a year ago, although it is a hardcover house, but it was also a few years ago renovated, so this time the owner decided to disassemble the rough room and reinstall it all, although the decoration process will be more troublesome, but the comfort of living is the most important.

House type

: Three rooms

Size of the house

: 116 square meters

Renovation budget

: 300,000 to 500,000 yuan




Li Qiqi

Main building materials:

Veneer, wallpaper, mirror

【Floor plan】

The owner decided to renovate the house is also entangled for a long time, after all, re-demolition and redecoration is also a big project, but their own home can not be wronged, the trust of the owner also makes us more attentive during construction, and finally we combined with the owner’s preferences to redefine the new home, integrate feelings into the design, integrate happiness into life, hoping to make the owner live more comfortable.


Design focus: Extend the space with a full-length mirror

The location of the house chose a customized shoe cabinet, the ivory white shoe cabinet and the overall layout of the room echo each other, but also increase the storage space in the home, next to the shoe cabinet designed a full-length mirror to extend the space of the home, so that the entrance position of the house is more bright and beautiful.

【Living room】

Design focus: warm and romantic

The owner is a very enthusiastic and talkative person, the living room decoration is also integrated into the owner’s favorite color, choose blue velvet and enthusiastic red as decoration, the overall is still a light color design, through the local bright color to achieve the effect of dotting the space, but also reflects the owner’s enthusiastic character characteristics, but also appears that the whole house is more romantic.

The carpet and wall decoration painting of the living room belong to the same color system, and the metal elements of the coffee table echo each other, making the space more unique, the houndstooth single sofa and coffee table are also the same style, each furniture is matched with each other, enhancing the integrity of the space.


Design focus: light blue seats

The restaurant chooses marble dining tables and light blue velvet seats, and the elegant blue color and marble texture make people feel very quiet and comfortable, and they will be more relaxed when eating.


Design focus: Milk tea space

The bedroom chose a warm and romantic milk tea tone, creating a more comfortable and comfortable sleeping space for the owner, and the golden butterflies and chandeliers on the bedside wall also enhanced the design of the space, which is more in line with the preferences of young people.

【Children’s Room】

Design focus: lively macaron color

The children’s room is temporarily unused, but it is still prepared in advance, and the lively and bright macaron color makes people feel more comfortable and in line with the nature of children.


Through the demolition and decoration of the house as a whole, the owner finally moved into his new home to his satisfaction, although the decoration process is more time-consuming and laborious, as long as the result is good.

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Redefine the new home based on the owner’s preferences, integrate feelings into the design, and integrate happiness into life