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Nowadays, “blind box” has become part of the daily consumption of many young people, and with the increase of blind boxes on the market, many netizens have also played “blind boxes” out of flowers. Recently, a domestic netizen pieced together two blind boxes to create a “muscle version” Nohara Shinnosuke that made countless manga fans “collapse”.

“Muscle version” Xiaoxin

Domestic netizens relied on their wild imagination and relied on two completely different blind box toys to piece together the muscular version of Xiaoxin in their hearts. According to the author,

The muscular version of Xiaoxin’s head comes with its own blind box, and the body is from the “Ocean Hall Muscles and Meat Man” series,

These two blind box toys that have nothing to do with each other have made netizens play a new feeling, and many comic fans have expressed “return my childhood”, of course, this is just ridicule, because the author’s combination of “muscle version” Xiaoxin really refreshes everyone’s traditional cognition.

Xiaoxin is the childhood companion of many comic fans, and now these comic fans have long grown up, but Xiaoxin is still a familiar child, this netizen is a “dream” of many comic fans, and finally let them see Xiaoxin when they grow up, but they didn’t expect that the adult Xiaoxin changed so much, and a random style surprised countless girls.

Just look at the tendon flesh of the body, how many men dream of the body,

This “muscular version” of Xiaoxin is simply a male and female kill.

White stockings are eye-catching

The “muscular version” Xiaoxin’s strong legs are still wearing white stockings,

Unexpectedly, when he grows up, he “does not forget his original intention”, white stockings are the standard for Xiaoxin’s clothing,

Whether it was windy or rainy, Xiao Xin always wore his white stockings. But then again, white stockings with strong thighs, always feel that something is wrong, is it possible that it has something to do with the wind? Many netizens said that they had stumbled!

Some netizens said

Xiao Xin’s body is like a fitness trainer, and he must be going to the world of “Dragon Ball” next door to cultivate,

Six pack abs plus thick limbs, Xiao Xin can be regarded as an invincible existence in his own world, but if he is in the world of Dragon Ball, I am afraid that he can only be regarded as an ordinary person, after all, the characters in the other world’s world are stronger than one, Xiao Xin is still an ordinary person who honestly has muscles all over the body.

Dressed thin, undressed with flesh

I have to say that the muscular version of Xiaoxin has indeed refreshed everyone’s traditional cognition of it, and is simply a representative of “dressing thin, undressing and flesh”. But interestingly, Xiaoxin’s face still maintains a childlike immaturity, especially making the whole image stand out for contrast, who would have thought that a child with a childish face would have such a strong body?

Judging from this work alone, there is no technical difficulty, but netizens still do

With the help of wild imagination and simple processing, a work with such a sense of contrast is presented

, which shows how attractive the fun of assembling a blind box is. You don’t need to have a great level of expertise, as long as you have enough ideas, you can create the new work you want on your own.

Nowadays, there are countless blind box series on the market, as long as the slightly popular works will come out of blind box toys, I don’t know if everyone will usually be like the above netizens, personally put together their own blind box toys.

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