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As the demand for speed increases, the number of equipment and cables in the data center increases, and cluttered cables can cause network failures, so cable management has become one of the essential tasks in the data center.

What is a cable manager?

The wire manager is the wire fixer that we often refer to. Cable managers are generally used in the computer room and installed in the cabinet to sort out and fix the cables, keep the cables orderly, and the wiring environment is clean and beautiful.

The functional role of the cable manager

In the wiring system, the use of the cable manager is mainly to provide a parallel channel for the cable to enter the RJ45 module, so that the cable does not have to suffer multiple right-angle turns before entering the module, which can effectively reduce the signal radiation loss of the cable itself and the radiation interference to the surrounding cables. Moreover, the cable manager can make the twisted pair enter the module regularly and neatly, avoiding large changes caused by the change of one cable when the line is expanded in the future, making the system more reliable and expandable.

Cable management frame classification

Closed Cable Tube Frame VS Open Cable Management Frame

Trunking cable management frame and ring cable management frame are the most widely used two horizontal cable management frame products, these two kinds of cable management frame not only have different appearance, but also have their own characteristics, the following is a detailed introduction to these two cable management frame products:

Closed cable management frame

Closed cable management frame is a commonly used cable management product, as shown in the figure below, closed cable management frame is composed of two parts: cable management plate and cover plate (gusset plate). The function of the cable management board is to sort out the line order, fix the line class, and collect the various line types used in the groove; The function of the cover plate (gusset) is to cover the combed wire buckle inside the cable management board, so that the appearance is neat and orderly, and people cannot see the cables interspersed inside the cable management frame from the outside. The 12-hole cable management frame works best when used with 12-port, 24-port and 48-port distribution frames.

Open cable management frame

Open cable management racks appear earlier than closed cable management racks, can accommodate more cables, and have greater flexibility. As shown in the figure below, the open cable management frame is equipped with multiple lifting rings to support and secure the cables. The installation and removal of the open cable management frame is very convenient, according to different needs, we can also choose different lifting ring number of open cable management frame.

1U Cable Management Rack VS 2U Cable Management Rack

Since most rackmount network equipment is 19 inches, the width of the cable management frame is a standard 19 inches, but its height is in various sizes, we use “RU” to indicate the height of the cable management frame, 1RU = 1.75 inches. Now the more common on the market are 1U cable management frame and 2U cable management frame, 1U cable management frame is commonly used to manage optical cables, 2U cable management frame is commonly used to manage copper cables. When choosing the size of the cable management frame, we need to ensure that the cable management frame can meet the existing cable management needs, but also reserve some space for future additional cables.

Plastic cable management frame VS metal cable management frame

Cable management racks are either made of plastic or metal. Because the plastic cable management frame is made of plastic, its durability is poor, and after a period of use, too many cables may deform the plastic cable management frame, or the plastic cable management frame will lose color or even degrade due to light. The metal cable management frame is stronger and will not occur when used. Overall, metal cable management frames are safer and more durable.