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Thin and plush small leg pants, warm and not bloated, retro high-waist versatile small foot leggings, super elastic and thin, Aimei MM matching must-match, the fit is very good, very versatile, hurry up and get a pair ~~~~

It can be worn in all seasons, the fabric has good breathability, excellent elasticity, no silk, no color loss Oh, no picking, a necessary artifact to show thinness, and super versatile. You can take whatever you want.

Double car line, the material is solid, strong and durable. No elastic wire, no pulling.

The pants are stretchy, and a layer of fine lint is added to the pants, (this velvet can be worn for a long time) The upper body is very thin. The fabric doesn’t sprinkle and we use shredded milk. All your worries and concerns have been eliminated

Stretch cotton pants, super slim and thin, the fabric is super elastic, and very good, very comfortable to wear, zipper wavy waist design is very foreign, regardless of fat and thin can be worn, the style is good not to pick the figure Oh, is every pro is worth buying!

A very warm pair of plush leggings, versatile, classic black, small button design, the upper body effect is particularly praised, slim and thin and long legs.

High waist, stretch, thin! The classic versatility can be worn out, and can be used as leggings! The upgraded version of Super Slim Fleece has just been launched and only needs a pair of pants this winter!!!

Gold velvet + non-fading woven fabric, super versatile and thin, mushrooms don’t have to worry about losing color!

Pure black cotton leg pants are a versatile new product, perfectly interpreting the fashion king. Simple three-dimensional tailoring, dignified and slender, temperament queen. The ingenious fit design allows MM to be a noble and delicate woman

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