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Today is our long-lost “grass series”, this time the third master wants to talk to Mumeng about a few conscientious parity and good goods, so that there is no rest assured channel to buy foreign niche items drop children’s boots, from domestic official channels can also “spend less money to do good things” ~

In the past two years, the beauty personalities of celebrities have been playing well, and some people’s “explosive and easy-to-use recommendations” are also one after another, and most of them are affordable products that you can afford without thinking too much.

At the beginning, everyone still had a high enthusiasm for this affordable star of the same model, such as what French treasure, wine meal mask, neck line cream, is also jin’s real red, once sold out of stock, and even manufacturers increased prices.

Later, the routine was used badly, the stars jumped out to share “affordable and good goods”, but the products looked more and more pheasant, the enthusiasm of the masses cooled down rapidly, and their heads returned to reason.

Take a look at Carina Liu’s drying goods (how many cheap cabbage star promotions in the face),

Looking at Lin Yun’s dresser of Amway, the daily affordable goods, there are too many endorsements for pheasant products, and many passers-by have lost their popularity.

Listen to Yang Rong, a “more expensive” cream has two digits more than us.

It’s really unbelievable that celebrities will pay off at affordable prices, and the masses have touched the taste and know how celebrities with an annual income of more than 100 million may use 1 or 200 pieces of essence every day, as well as those “pheasants” whose names can’t find brand details.

I don’t believe in the “parity” recommendation of celebrities, but for people with insufficient budgets such as student parties and low-income workplace newcomers, the demand for “affordable and good goods” has always been there.

Especially in recent years, the “national skin care fever”, coupled with the development of information on the Internet and the rise of logistics, now the little girls in junior high and high school know to wipe their faces with sun protection and stock up on Double Eleven.

So this appeal has been transferred to the major beauty and skin care bloggers, look at the affordable and good products they have been through a lot of battles, such as The Ordinary, Garnier 377 and so on…

As a result, your heart is moved, the grass is planted, and when you check it, you have to buy on behalf of you, whether you want to wait for a long time and say both, the key is really not true! As a result, many people are entangled again.

I still remember that every recommendation will have children’s boots asking, where to buy is reliable, ask for sharing channels! So today, the third master specially picked out a few cheap grasses for you that are easy to use and buy. (I like the baby of the lady and the big name, this issue is not applicable to you~)

Meinado Reference price: ¥ 130/ 130ml

Main ingredients: chamomilla recutitum flower extract, sodium hyaluronate, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, allantoin

Known as “affordable version of healthy water / biyou water”, you don’t have to worry about what pheasant miscellaneous brand, people are also serious Japanese brand products, and it is also a lotion suitable for oil skin, especially inflammatory acne oil skin.

Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate + allantoin soothes, calms, anti-inflammatory, sodium hyaluronate + allantoin absorbs water and moisturizes, potassium alum absorbs oil and controls oil, inhibits oil secretion, and oil skin with inflammation will be very suitable.

The texture is refreshing and refreshing, there may be a slight tightening feeling after oil absorption, neutral to oil skin can be used in summer, dry skin may not be so suitable.

Water & Muscle 2% Balancing Salicylic Acid Serum

Reference price:

¥ 59/ 120ml

Main ingredients: salicylic acid, daisy flower extract, elm meadowsweet flower extract, PCA zinc, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, etc

Shangshui Muscle is a domestic brand that has become more and more popular in the past two years, unlike many domestic brands that take the route of comfort and mildness, most of Shangshui and Muscle’s products are more effective “ingredient party”, and the products seem to be more in line with the preferences of netizens who “refuse to swallow”.

This salicylic acid essence should be its most famous one, don’t look at only less than 60 pieces, but it is also really thoughtful, first of all, the texture is not as thick as the general salicylic acid products, the use of refreshing feeling, and is not created with alcohol, so healthy skin can be used as an evening toner.

In addition to salicylic acid that is good at dissolving oils, there are also a variety of plant additions to provide phytic acid, which can also be regarded as a variety of acid complexes, which can effectively smooth the skin, improve roughness, dullness, acne, closed mouth, blackheads, etc., salicylic acid and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate can also help relieve skin inflammation, oil acne skin please shoot.

Water and muscle barrier repair fluid

¥ 128/ 50ml

Ectoin, dextran, ceramide, rhamnose and other ingredients to stabilize the skin and strengthen the skin, the goal is single and efficient, is to repair skin damage, strengthen the skin’s own resistance, repair period, stability maintenance period can enter.

Water and trioic acid extract

¥ 99/ 50ml

Although the triacid sounds very fierce, but the use of caprylyl salicylic acid, almond acid, lactobionic acid this is milder, coupled with slow-release technology and soothing and calm Dezhixin 1609, starfish branch algae extraction and addition, the whole product is still relatively mild, the general skin is available, the “peeling” effect can also be seen.

Hydration and triacid body lotion

¥ 89/ 200ml

Fruit acid salicylic acid complex, help improve the body skin texture heavy, rough, chicken skin and other problems, smooth skin effect can be seen, the most powerful is completely no general acid body milk thick and difficult to push the problem, emulsion texture but easy to push evenly, biological polysaccharide moisturizing, but also assisted with a little A ester to help anti-aging.

To this multi-strength serum

¥ 158/ 50ml

Main ingredients: pterostilbene, VC derivatives, astaxanthin, fullerene, yeast lysate extract, bifida yeast fermentation product lysate, etc

Multiple antioxidants are added, there are more than a dozen types, and the proper “cocktail” style is gorgeous, in addition to the well-known VC derivatives and peptides, there are also “new school” pterostilbene (similar to resveratrol), astaxanthin, fullerene, etc.

Coupled with a variety of fermented ingredients to repair the skin, enhance resistance, dimethylmethoxybenzodihydropyranol, sodium DNA to reduce photoaging, protect skin cells, moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, mild anti-aging, strengthen the skin are all involved, indeed “diverse”.

If you’re on a small budget, it’s a good beginner all-around serum, suitable for stable sensitive skin and healthy skin types. The texture is relatively light, and it is easy to accept, so you don’t have to worry about not using it in summer.

To this multi-effective eye cream

¥ 95/ 15g

Carnosine, peptides improve texture, horse chestnut extract, asiaticoside, caffeine firm to remove puffiness, brewer’s yeast, light fruit licorice root extract to help brighten, buy!

Proya Niacinamide Snow Essence

¥ 169/ 30ml

Main ingredients: 5% nicotinamide, carpa longifolia extract, squalane, etc

The use of a liquid powder separation form that looks more ox x, it is said to reduce the production of niacin, reduce irritation (nicotinamide is relatively stable, Proya uses the top raw material manufacturers, itself niacin is low, is this step really so necessary?). )

But the product is still good, 5% gold concentration niacinamide added, long-hearted capa algae to help anti-inflammatory whitening, with the enhancement of the anti-inflammatory whitening efficiency of the product, high skin-friendly squalane moisturizing, is a basic, easy to use product.

P.S. personally does not like this kind of products that have to be processed by themselves, especially this powder, sticky bottles are not clean I feel uncomfortable, hands trembling and easy to fly out, if not very necessary to use this form, in me this is a minus.

Proya Proya Deep Sea Moisturizing Yeast Stock Solution

¥ 169/ 160ml

Main ingredients: kelp extract, yeast extract, squalane, etc

85% moisturizing yeast stock solution, rich in various minerals, vitamins, amino acids, sugars, etc., is the hot concept of yeast products in the past two years.

Basic moisturizing OK, high content of fermentation products to nourish the skin, help the skin strong, the texture is soft, is a qualified moisturizing water suitable for medium and dry skin, the original price is not the most cost-effective, can be discounted.

PURID Radiance Serum

¥ 168/ 50ml

Main ingredients: symwhite377, VC derivative, ALBATIN, brightening peptide, bisabolol, etc

Two VC derivatives whitening antioxidant, symwhite377 inhibits melanin production and whitening, the two synergistically enhance the whitening effect, ALBATIN, skin brightening peptide complex to enhance and brighten the skin tone.

Mildness: The above is coordinated with soothing ingredients such as bisabolol and Dezhixin 1609, which reduces the irritation of 377, but the amount of addition is not low, and it is still not a very mild product, suitable for healthy skin with high whitening appeal.

Beauty is the new essence series

Since the acquisition of L’Oreal, beauty has also been working silently, and has begun to expand the daily skin care category in addition to face masks, and the recently released group of essence original liquid is quite interesting to look at.

Looking at the poster, it should be 5 (

Niacinamide, fruit acid, hyaluronic acid, peptide, vitamin CE

At present, the official website can only see the first 3 models, and the prices are all there

About 170 yuan 30ml

Backed by L’Oréal laboratory, the ingredients are also given quite conscience, even L’Oreal’s exclusive Bose has been delegated, although the amount of addition is not high, but the overall formula is definitely not a loss.

Okay, that’s it for today.

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