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Everyone’s preferences are different,

Some people prefer formal dressing,

This has nothing to do with age, although many people think that a blazer needs to be worn by someone with certain experience to show its heritage.

But sometimes young people wearing suits give suits another kind of vitality,

Make your suit look revitalized.

Some people love suits, but some people may think that suits are too restrained, and it will always give people an inexplicable sense of forbidden bones.

Unlike other casual styles of clothing,

It is more casual and natural to wear

, but some people like trendy outfits, such as items with national trendy elements.

In short, people with different personalities have different preferences,

Every style has its reason

, and each style has a very good presentation.

But when it comes to casual style, there are also many people who don’t know how to match,

Next, let’s take a look at how men’s casual style should be matched.

Want to learn men’s casual style,

Then you can refer to the casual style of celebrities

For example, some of Nicholas Tse’s casual looks are of great reference value.

Nicholas Tse is really a representative of men, suits and jeans are a good gentleman, bronze skin tone is really manly, I have to say that Nicholas Tse pays attention to maintenance, the suit is less buttoned can not see the excess meat, not greasy at all.

Casual wear template

Suits can also be very versatile, salt or sweet temperament

It has already been said

Blazers may feel too restrictive for many people

When it comes to blazers, the first thing that comes to minds of many people is that it seems to frame people in a box.

This frame gives people the feeling of being formal, professional.

Wearing a suit jacket, the whole person is like wearing a golden hoop curse, very stiff, can not have their own too many thoughts, all actions must be responsible for their identity and occupation and the occasions they attend.

If you wear a blazer with this mindset,

That can only say that this blazer, it brings you more of a sense of bondage

, your state in a blazer is also not the most relaxed.

Perhaps many people are afraid of blazers, thinking that such a restrictive blazer is really suitable for daily wear?

In fact, there are many different styles of blazers,

Different styles of blazers, it is suitable for different occasions and occupations are also completely different.

In the case of classic blazers,

It has a formal fit, as well as a casual fit,

A casual blazer may be more suitable for everyday wear, whether it is a gathering with friends,

Or a casual blazer for some informal occasions

, it is comfortable and at the same time enough to give the other person the highest respect and respect.

Casual blazers compared to formal blazers,

It’s a lot less binding

First of all, because its shape may be more natural than a formal blazer.

A lot of formal fit blazers,

It’s all shoulder pads with a shoulder pad.

On the one hand, although it will optimize our head-to-shoulder ratio, it also has a very restrictive effect.

But the casual blazer, it rarely has a shoulder pad design,

It will be more casual and natural to wear

, At the same time, its fit can be loose or hypertrophied,

If you prefer to walk on a daily basis, it is hip-hop style

, or choose a loose, fat blazer to match.

Of course

The casual blazer also lies in the casualness of its matching,

When wearing a blazer with a formal fit, it is often customary to pair it with suit pants.

But when you wear a casual fit blazer,

Wear yours with jeans or slacks

, and at the same time the choice of shoes is more flexible.

Whether you’re paired with leather shoes or board shoes,

As long as you dress comfortably and casually, you can choose as you like.

Learn to layer, and give you multiple possibilities

In fact, casual style is the most authentic and natural style

, this style it wears unrestrained and will give a sense of comfort.

But sometimes it’s too unrestrained style,

Its fashion and matching effect may not be so good

So how to wear casual style that is both fashionable and reflects its natural characteristics?

There is a way to dress,

Be sure to learn that this way of dressing is the method of layering

。 Sometimes a dress, its fashion without the support and support of other items, is difficult to give full play, but sometimes the two pieces they can achieve the effect of one plus one greater than two due to the same elements of some elements.

Have you noticed the finishing touch of these small details?

In fact, when dressing, sometimes it is often won by details,

Some small details can directly determine the overall presentation of the outfit.

For example, when we wear a piece of clothing, with and without a scarf,

It presents two different feelings

, may be matched with a scarf will make the whole person’s image look more warm and elegant, but no scarf may present another feeling, so don’t underestimate these trinkets.

Light-colored clothes so that they can be harmonious

In fact, casual style clothes, it is very particular about color matching, sometimes,

Many casual clothes are light colors,

Because light colors are easier to set off the clean and gentle temperament of the whole person than dark colors.

That pale dress,

In fact, when matching, you must pay attention to the harmony of colors

, for example, choose a light top, then the bottom can also choose light pants, or choose jeans, these colors are more conventional and will not go wrong.

A shirt jacket is definitely a must-wear for casual wear

Want to make your leisure atmosphere more prominent,

Then you must be indispensable for a single piece, this item is a shirt jacket,

Many people think that the shirt jacket is a less formal outfit, but it is very casual and comfortable, and it is easy to concave the casual and natural atmosphere on the whole person.

Have you learned Nicholas Tse’s styling? In life, you may wish to learn more from Nicholas Tse’s collocation to enhance your fashion charm.