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In the blink of an eye, winter is about to pass, spring is coming, at this time, wearing too thick is not okay, wearing too thin is not okay, so in spring, what kind of underwear should the little fairies choose?

Although suspenders are beautiful, they always feel a little cool, and underwear is even more important.

Good style of underwear will make you the icing on the cake, bad will only make your temperament burst instantly.

There are also some small-breasted girls, in order to show off their big breasts, wearing that kind of traditional steel ring gathered underwear, which is strangled and stuffy.

Crushing the breast with brute force, this behavior can cause breast ischemia, spasm, and breast problems such as breast hyperplasia.

Ditch the old-fashioned bras that are ugly and potentially harmful to your body. Today, take a look at the French lace lingerie that has become popular in the 2021 spring fashion circle

Dai Wei Fan’s unwired, ultra-thin cotton underwear, with sexy beauty, but also light and comfortable and warm characteristics, when you wear it, you can instantly become a sexy stunner, demeanor and temperature at the same time.

As a fashionista, you must keep up with the trend of fashion, in many styles of French underwear, this anti-light French lace bra, lined with thin cotton material, moisture absorbent and breathable and not stuffy, super suitable for spring.

Comfortable and zero-restraint without underwires; The beautiful back design has a light lace edge to cover the flesh on your belly, the triangle force design improves the chest support, the small breast is not empty, and the big breast is thin.

High-value delicate French lace

Versatile fairy style, beautiful from the front chest to the back

The biggest charm of lace is that there is no age limit.

Different ages can wear different charms, girls wear lace is light and mature, middle-aged lace is sexy, and old age wear lace is elegant.

This lingerie is a combination of bra and underwear, using the best quality French lace, you must know that in France good lace is more expensive than gold, artificial design mechanical processing, to create sexy and attractive lace embroidery.

French lace with a deep V design.

You can perfectly show your collarbone and career line, and when you wear a low-necked skirt in spring and summer, you don’t have to worry about revealing the underwear edge.

Even the back is made of a large piece of lace fabric, more French style than small lace, the lace fabric of this underwear is very good, not hard or soft, there will be no pricking situation, especially high-grade.

The five-meter lace widens the bottom circumference, and when autumn comes, it can better protect the body from the cold, and it will make the entire waist line slimmer, and can also cover the flesh on the stomach, visually easy to lose five pounds.

No rim 0 bondage

One-piece cut for softer lines

I used to wear traditional underwear under the steel rim, and I took it off immediately when I went home, and there were still that ugly strangulation marks on my body.

It’s not worth pressing your fragile breasts to make yourself look full.

A good underwear should be comfortable and fit while lifting the breasts, without empty cups, not excessive sagging.

This underwear has no underwires and there is no compression of the breasts.

The feel is particularly soft, wearing it is not hard or soft, and it is not an exaggeration to say that sometimes I wonder if I am not wearing underwear.

The bra is also cut in a one-piece manner, with no threads, no stitching, and no frayed skin.

Underwear without underwires is too comfortable to wear, breasts do not have a sense of pressure, there are no strangulation marks when returning from work, autumn as pajamas, not cold or hot, sexy no.

Small breasts gather big breasts and have style

Triangular cup design, support + force

If you want your breasts to be firm and have a gathering effect, you don’t have to rely on underwires.

This underwear has the effect of supporting and gathering, the so-called support, that is, the bra can give the chest an upward support force, so that the sagging chest becomes erect.

The bra has a triangular cup-shaped design, and the triangle is known to be the most stable.

It is like a pair of big hands holding up the breast, strong support, completely does not give the breast sagging, expansion opportunities.

Let me show you the contrast in French lace lingerie.

On the left is lace underwear, on the right is ordinary underwear, it is obvious that the left side is rounded and straight than the right.

The mold cup in the bra is also a drop-shaped three-dimensional mold cup, and the vest-type bra has a strong wrapping property.

You can collect the surrounding fat in the cup, not only show the beautiful chest shape, but also the small chest becomes larger in seconds, and the chest can be upgraded by at least one cup.

The bra can be machine washed, no matter how you rub it, it will not deform, and it is not a problem to wear one for a year.

The elasticity of lace underwear is also particularly good, and girls with 80-150 pounds can wear it.

Lace lingerie is available in two sizes:

75 jin – 120 jin, 120 jin – 150 jin

From now on, order a free rope

Mix it as you like, cost-effective

Black sexy touching with a silk nightdress.

Pink and white are suitable for matching white T, and the clothes are not afraid to avoid small embarrassments.

When spring comes, hurry up and buy a French lace lingerie that will make you feel fashionable and sexual.

With all suspenders, open back, low neckline, it is N times sexier than traditional lingerie.

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