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Many little fairies will definitely skip the topic directly, and every day they say that suits are really not annoying? It’s not that we talk about suits every day, but because suits are so glamorous.

Different shapes and different designs can interpret different styles. The most I tell you about the popular daddy suit and the loose oversize style or exaggerated shoulder padding

In fact, these are the design elements of the details, today we will talk about a completely different suit shape, this suit looks more retro and elegant than ordinary suits. It’s a long blazer

。 Do you think this is simply coaxing people when you hear it? You don’t have a long blazer, but we’re focusing today on thigh-length double-breasted coats

In English, this blazer is also called blaz er.

Compared to ordinary blazers, most of them are thigh-length and cover the hips, looking like a small trench coat that is semi-short

。 Many people put it in the ranks of trench coats, and some put it in the ranks of coats,

In autumn and winter, it is sexier than a traditional long coat, but it is warmer than a suit

The history of double-breasted blazers

What we want to talk about here is not the history of suits, but the history of double-breasted suits, and if you look closely, you will find that this blazer, usually the texture is black or navy blue, the fabric is basically woolen or the texture is relatively light, and high-grade flannel usually has brass buttons on the sleeves.

Unlike traditional suits, which appeared relatively late, more than 100 years ago, English aristocracy popularized boating and cricket culture

There are two versions of the most accurate origin of this blazer, one in 1820, when the Cambridge rowing team wore brightly colored sports coats,

This is the prototype of the earliest double-breasted blazer, and another version is that in 1837, the captain of the British Navy greeted the then Queen Victoria to inspect his warship, and everyone wore a double-breasted coat.

The coat is uniformly navy blue with brass buttons representing the royal symbol

Whatever the origin, one thing that indicates is that in the beginning this kind of clothing really originated from clothing in the water. Gradually, it has been widely welcomed in sports clubs.

Therefore, comfort is the main feature of long double-breasted suits, and now not only our common navy blue, but also black more colors and even materials are widely used in design

This blazer is between a formal jacket and a casual jacket, that is, it is more business casual style, and it looks neither too casual nor too grand, so it is popular with many British high society people as soon as it comes out.

Gradually, it became popular among the aristocracy, and compared to the complete suit, this suit was a one-piece, without a complete set of pants, and usually the shoulder and chest were cut looser, making it very comfortable to wear

At that time, the dress was not all the rage for long

。 At that time, feminist consciousness was rising, and everyone was more inclined to completely imitate men’s suit styles, with knits or shirts, which looked very professional, and this long suit was more imposing than traditional one-piece clothing.

At this time, long double-breasted suits were snubbed every day, plus cashmere sweaters and various coats and autumn and winter clothes were increasing

Bomber jackets, tweed jackets, and elegant umbrella skirts have become the choice of autumn and winter women.

Until the mid-50s, the company that provided uniform jackets for British students at that time reformed this suit and provided it to many schools as a school uniform, so the double-breasted long suit ushered in its second spring.

At that time, it was popular for many people to write their initials in Roman letters on their chest pockets, which also represented an identity. And most coats have brass-colored buttons as decorations

If Mr. Yves Saint Laurent has led the trend of generations by bringing the traditional suit representing power to the female market, then Mr. Giorgio Armani is the savior of long double-row, blazers.

In 1975, the talented designer of the fashion industry introduced this garment to his own fashion industry, launching a loose collection of jackets aimed at men. It doesn’t need to be ironed, but it’s not as formal as a traditional coat, which maintains both a casual feel and the seriousness and sophistication of a traditional coat

Entering the millennium, although we have more and more choices, there is a sudden trend among women for bright-colored coats, especially 10 years ago, bright-colored coats usually appeared as a must-have item for evening dresses, worn on the body to keep warm, when it came to events, the long double-breasted coat that took off the coat was upgraded again.

Now this thigh-length coat has become a very classic item in many people’s wardrobes, and of course has led the fashion trend from generation to generation

Compared with traditional coats, this double-breasted long blazer can be said to blend casual and formal very well, and the balance is also clever.

Whether it is daily wear or on some important occasions, a double-breasted suit similar to a small jacket is very retro and gentlemanly, looks very delicate, and can also show its own unique aura, both neutral and not too ambiguous gender,

The loose fit is also very friendly for most body types

How to match a long double-breasted blazer

Long double-breasted suit with paneled jeans

The most common thing about long double-breasted suits is that when you match them with check elements and more elements, you will find a magical thing, retro double-breasted suits become more gentlemanly, and also show a bit of elegance.

To break this elegant and gentlemanly feeling, we can match it with some individual pieces, such as the now popular leather pants or paneled jeans.

The long, double-breasted jacket can be worn as both an inner layer and an outer layer, layering and keeping warm

Long double-breasted suit with white cropped jeans

Most of the long, double-breasted suits are checked styles. Different checks will also present different styles.

The dark green check suit with white 9-point jeans, in the winter this outfit is very worthy of our reference, especially pay attention to the pants are not too long, when wearing boots, the cuffs look very sloppy on the bevel, so try to choose an 8-point length

Tweed small checked blazer

I don’t know if the little fairies found a detail that most of these long double-breasted blazers are basically unbuttoned in everyday wear.

This looks more comfortable and casual, and also brings a handsomeness. The dense small check looks more elegant and understated than the large check. In autumn and winter, you can choose the material of wool, which is thick and wide, and can easily create a handsome image.

The slim design can effectively highlight the waist line, have a feeling of legs below the chest, and are also suitable for little fairies whose body proportions are not good enough

Suit with black jeans

Why are blazers so popular now? Whether it’s a long, short, single-breasted or double-breasted model, a large part of the reason is that it is very versatile.

A pair of small white shoes and black jeans in daily wear can make the double-breasted vintage suit full of modernity, and give people a young and lively youthful atmosphere.

Change into a pair of nude heels, this look is perfect for the workplace commute

Layered with a double-breasted suit

Layering is the most basic and popular style of wearing in autumn and winter, and now there is a trend of layering, that is, two pieces of the same series are layered.

The layering of shirts and shirts, sweaters and knits, can also be used on suits, double-breasted suits use a slim style, with a relatively loose suit, which can be used as a small jacket, but also can make the overall shape look more neat, but also warmth

。 This combination is perfect for just entering winter, the weather is not particularly cold, and the two woolen coats are enough to protect against the cold

Double-breasted blazer with a black slim bottom

After seeing so many double-breasted jackets, the easiest and most convenient way to wear them is to pair them with a black slim legging, an 8-point pair of jeans and ankle boots.

Both versatile and practical, it is definitely the only choice to dominate the street, and this matching style does not pick the figure and does not pick people, and the little fairies can learn from it,

As long as you pay attention to the color and break the dullness of the shape, double-breasted suits can also be worn with a modern feel