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On a special day like today, if you haven’t met someone yet, you might want to think about whether you should make some changes. For example, the way of communicating with the opposite sex, such as daily clothes…

Transforming into a “spirit guy” is actually not that difficult, or this one can help you!

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From trench coats to navy coats to desert boots, there’s no denying that military design has had a huge and profound impact on the development of menswear throughout history.

However, none of the items can be as directly linked to military origins as will be discussed below –


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Cargo pants have a history of more than 100 years, born in the 19th century gold rush and flourished during the World War II period in the beacon years.

In recent years, due to the popularity of American retro, a pair of “Zhiming” cargo pants has become a pit item for many players.

A Jewish merchant in the 19th century

A pair of cargo pants was made for the miners out of coarse canvas

It is considered the first pair of cargo pants in history

Compared with trousers and jeans, cargo pants are much better in terms of comfort and functionality.

In addition, the material is thick and structured, wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, which can not only give the wearer a tough and handsome temperament, but more importantly, it can visually modify the leg shape, whether it is thick legs, short legs, or looped legs, it can be perfectly hidden.

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It can well meet the dressing needs of today’s men, so it is favored by more and more people, it can be said that every boy’s wardrobe is indispensable for a few pairs of cargo pants.

Some people even commented that cargo pants are the military’s greatest contribution to fashion.

Many people think that there is only one style of cargo pants, but in fact, there are many types of cargo pants, and each pair of cargo pants has its own special military significance.

What is the history behind cargo pants, and how to wear cargo pants? Today, YOKA-kun will take you to talk.

According to historian Brian Jewell, author of the book “British Battledress 1937-61”, this multi-pocket trouser suit was designed by the British War Office in the 30s.

At that time, as the war continued to develop, the galloping horse had been replaced by armored tanks, and the British War Office found that the very formal old uniform could no longer meet their combat needs, so after several years of research, in 1938, a new, more functional standardized uniform was officially released.

The loose style features and sturdy and durable materials are designed for high-intensity combat and harsh outdoor environments, so they are called “Battle Dress Uniform (BDU)” by the British army.

Compared with the traditional pleated pants of the past, the new military pants are looser, and soldiers feel more comfortable and convenient after wearing them.

In addition, the practicality is greatly enhanced by the addition of wide pockets.

Rations, maps, water, medical supplies, or ammunition can fit in, hence the nickname “cargo pants”.

At the same time, an American man named William M. P. Yarborough’s commander was tasked with transforming the uniforms of American paratroopers.

Paratroopers’ equipment in combat usually weighed forty or fifty kilograms, and in order to disperse the weight when jumping from the plane, Yarborough borrowed the design of the British uniform and changed the company uniform to a two-piece, multi-pocket loose uniform.

He also improved the pockets of British trousers to the style of clamshell bellows, further increasing its capacity and greatly improving the paratroopers’ combat performance.

A German officer once described American paratroopers in his diary as “devils in big fat pants.”

By World War II, based on the success of paratrooper pants, they became standard equipment in almost all American armies.

In 1943, it was fully issued as part of the M-43 uniform.

M-43 uniform

With the end of the war, this wartime military equipment also flowed in large quantities to surplus stores.

It turns out that if a pair of pants can withstand the rigors of war, then it is almost invincible.

So, in the absence of such developed outdoor equipment as today, piles of olive-green military cargo pants became the choice of mountaineers, hikers, campers, hunters and fishermen.

Coupled with the influence of various subcultures, these functional clothing has long surpassed their military roots and has become a street trend that cannot be ignored.

Below YOKA Jun will introduce several common and versatile pant types:

Cargo Pants – Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are the most common cargo pants on the market, and its prototype comes from the British combat uniform P37 military pants during World War II.

Later, it was favored by the US military and improved on the basis of the original. In addition to the flap pockets on both sides of the legs, the drawstring design at the cuffs is also a style highlight.

There is a drawstring in the side pocket

It plays the role of fixing equipment

In case of injury

It can also be used to bandage to stop bleeding

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In the past, it helped soldiers put on their boots quickly without hindering their run.

Now, it fits perfectly into your high-top sneakers and cargo boots.

Baker Pants – Baker Pants

Because the design is relatively simple, Baker pants can be said to be the most low-key cargo pants.

In the 50s, it was widely used in U.S. military uniforms in the early stages of the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Speaking of these pants, one has to mention the classic OG-107.

OG is an acronym for “Olive Green”, and 107 is a color symbol in olive green.

The main feature of Baker pants is that there are no protruding pockets on both sides of the legs, but two symmetrical rectangular patch pockets on the front, and the overall fit is more simple and neat, not as loose as cargo pants.

Many workwear experts like to mix and match baker pants and suits, probably in pursuit of a unique temperament of “Sven tough guy”.

It is worth noting that if you wear this outfit to a business-like occasion, do not put too much in your pocket.

Monkey Pants – Marine Corps pants

Typically, military clothing is mass-produced, but there are also some unique designs that are aimed at specific branches of certain armies.

“Monkey Pants – Monkey Pants” is one of them.

Prototyped as the USMC M44 Pants, it was produced in late 1944 and was supplied in small quantities to logistics and senior officers of the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II.

The most iconic feature of monkey pants is the large pocket design with a fastening of the hips. When it is full, it looks particularly like a monkey’s butt, which is where its name comes from.

Anyway, it’s quite exciting to watch.

Gurkha Pants – Gurkha pants

Gurkha pants, an elegant man’s choice, are the soul of Smart Causal.

Its name derives from a piece of British military history. In 1814, the British army clashed with the Gurkha soldiers of Nepal, although the Gurkhas were defeated, their heroic fighting spirit was valued by the British army, and later the British recruited the Gurkhas to fight for themselves, and specially designed special military pants for the Gurkha soldiers.

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The high waist, which is the main feature of these pants, has waist loops on both sides of the waist, and the size of the waistband can be adjusted, which is very friendly to belly stars.

The double pleat design in front of the trousers greatly improves the comfort of wearing, while also making the entire pants look more upright, and the overall silhouette is tapered, and many trousers borrow its fit.

When wearing Gurkha pants, be sure to expose the waistband, not only can you show delicate design details, but also appear longer legs, effectively improving body proportions.

If it is the first time, it is recommended to start with olive green and khaki, the two most classic and versatile colors.

In terms of styling, due to the relatively fat nature of cargo pants themselves, students with short legs and short stature should pay special attention:

Please give up the style that is too fat.

This kind of fat pants is not something that ordinary people can handle

The length of the pants should not be lower than the ankle, if it exceeds it, it can be rolled up to make it appear more neat.

Students with bent legs should choose a straight model, and the closure design will expose the shortcomings.

Finally, let’s compare the tooling brands of Niu X.

In my opinion, if you want to wear cargo pants well, the most important thing is to choose the right brand, otherwise everything is for nothing.

YOKA Jun recommends Carhartt, Dickies, Nigel Cabourn, WTAPS, Visvim, Teneo these brands, good texture, good fit, design is also more loyal to the first year, can not only meet the daily collocation, but also meet everyone’s feelings for classic military models.

Teneo ten-pocket cargo pants

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Compared to girls, it is actually much easier for boys to dress.

The first is to find the style that suits you, and the second is to have good workmanship, design and fit, so that you can easily create a clean and textured shape without complicated matching.

And cargo pants are such a classic item that can always give you support.

It may not turn you into an eye-catching handsome guy, but it can make you a low-key and attractive man.

PS: Some of the pictures in this article come from the Internet, if you have copyright problems, please contact us in time.

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