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Daming Yongle Nian Shi Seiko bronze gilt civil official God of wealth statue

Gilding technology is a traditional technology in China, invented in the Warring States period, and has been around for more than 2,000 years. In the ancient gilded artifacts, the emperors of each dynasty favored the Buddha statue and the God of Wealth, so that among the gilded artifacts, the bronze statue of the Buddha and the God of Wealth were the most noble.

This seated statue of the God of Wealth is approximately 20 cm long, 16 cm wide and 40 cm high. pure gold

Jin open face, clear eyebrows, lop ears and long sideburns, eyebrow line is naturally free, eyes are shining, slightly looking down, especially the performance of the ridge and furrow between the nose and the face is natural, long beard fluttering, solemn demeanor, slightly smiling, clear lines, extraordinarily realistic, vivid and very anthropomorphic.

This god of wealth is a typical civil official costume, wearing an official hat, wearing a dragon robe, the chest and back, left and right arms, legs and elbows are decorated with a four-clawed dragon, the dragon soars auspicious clouds, the dragon balls are dazzling, like the sun shines, up and down and left and right echo each other, complementing each other. The statue body is strong and full, the limbs are thick and powerful, the right hand is naturally supported on the leg, the left hand has Ruyi, Ruyi is inlaid with five golden jewels, shining gold, pearlescent, more gorgeous, auspicious clouds full of ornaments, highlighting auspicious wishes. The square base on which the God of Wealth sits is also very exquisite, engraved with “Daming Yongle Nianshi”, which is enshrined for the imperial family and the state.

This statue of the God of Wealth is thick in pulp, hundreds of years of worship and use marks are obvious, the shape is large, the casting is exquisite, the portrayal is clear, clear and resolute, simple and elegant, it can be called a masterpiece, rare in the world, precious, is the best work in the craftsmanship of the God of Wealth, and the collection and worship are all of the highest quality. Cultivators who receive the blessing of the God of Wealth can increase their merit, longevity, wisdom, material and spiritual blessings, wealth will be abundant, their careers will prosper, and their families will be harmonious, happy and healthy!