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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

He Sui, who is tall and fair-skinned, not only shines on the catwalk, but also wears private clothes at the textbook level, which is worth learning from friends. Wear a white midi coat with a brick-red sweater and tonal trousers.

Bright and bright is very eye-catching, but it is also because of the very bright effect, so it is still a little picky. Otherwise, it is easy to wear a tacky feeling, but He Sui has no worries at all. Tall and tall, she wears this shape, domineering, bright and feminine, perfectly interpreting the beauty of the essence of brick red.

The solid color shape can easily give people a very boring feeling, just look at how much it will feel a little monotonous. But He Sui’s body does not have this problem at all, the reason is in the treatment of style and design.

The design of the sweater’s slanted shoulders exposes the skin on one shoulder, which is very sexy and personal. And the very loose style can play a role in modifying the figure, while bringing a very lazy and casual feeling.

The short sweater makes the loose sweater more neat, and also plays a role in raising the waistline, highlighting the advantage of long legs. He Sui’s height is already very advantageous, but he still likes the way he wears short and long.

He Sui’s good skin is willful, wearing a “red pajamas” are like a catwalk, the whole person is white to shine, the design sense of this sweater is still very strong, the design of balloon sleeves brings a very different effect, but also makes the sweater that looks pajama style, more personality highlights fashion taste.

The design of the back hem of the sweater is lengthened, and the irregular effect enhances the overall sense of fashion. The design of the long back swing is conducive to enhancing the temperament and making He Sui look more powerful. And in the process of walking, it will naturally swing, making the shape look more flowing and flexible, and also echoing the pants, more overall sense of natural and harmonious.

The choice of wide-leg pants in the same color is clever, and it looks curvy and stylish. The effect of wide-leg pants to modify the leg shape is very ideal, and the smooth and straight line also plays a longitudinal stretching effect, and the hidden meat is thin and tall.

However, a shape with a strong sense of silhouette like this is more suitable for tall girls, and can wear a very well-proportioned and imposing effect. Petite female friends, it is recommended to wear bottoms with a relatively suitable fit to avoid lowering the center of gravity and making them shorter.

No matter what style of dressing, color echoing is also an important skill, which can make the shape look more quality and can also play an eye-catching effect.

The color of the white backpack and shoes is the same, and the color embellishments on the backpack and shoes echo the overall shape. While enhancing the sense of styling elements, it also avoids the sense of cheapness caused by being too messy. The details are very important for the styling, and I have to say that He Sui’s fashion sensitivity is super strong.

Many people wear very ordinary clothes in winter, mainly because of the use of color. Black gray is a very common color match in winter, although it matches the environment very well, but also has the advantage of being versatile and not picky, but it is also easy to drown in the crowd.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose a brightly colored coat to add highlights to a gray environment. Like He Sui’s bright green down jacket, it looks very warm visually.

The combination of black pants and hats also plays a good balance, making bright colors less obtrusive, and at the same time reducing the color of skin tone. The waterproof fabric looks more shiny and easy to wipe off.

For some relatively low-key women, they don’t like too eye-catching and pompous looks. Then you can choose a piece with a certain degree of guan like He Sui to weaken the dullness of the dark shape.

A short black jacket with a classic black and white checked shirt underneath and bright leather pants underneath easily create a rich layer. At the same time, it is slightly high-profile but not exaggerated at all, and it is stable and fashionable. Regardless of any effect of leather pants, the requirements for leg shape are relatively high. Women with fat on the lower body can use leather on the upper body, which can also play a very good effect.