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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

When is it most effective when teaching numbers? Integrating numbers into everyday life, of course.

When my baby was less than two years old, I often read this book “Count, Kiss a Few Times” to him, integrating numbers into loving kisses, which is more suitable for young children, but also suitable for parent-child reading, with strong interactivity.

When I read to the baby, I would read, kiss, and count while reading. There will also be some physical play.

Follow the flow of the book, ten little kisses on a thin little toe. Nine tickling kisses, kisses on kicking little feet. Eight wet kisses, kissed on chubby, fragrant little knees. Seven rattling kisses, kissed on the bulging little navel. …… Warm and loving.

Aunt Ang’s reading experience with her own baby:

Reading this book to the baby before going to bed always reminds people of soft clouds, sweet marshmallows, the soft halo of the bedside lamp and the dents of the baby trapped in the quilt, even dreams are sweet and sweet.

When the baby is older, every night before going to bed, he seems to have a set of his own pattern and sense of order. He will kiss his favorite toys from 1 to 10, of course, these toys that are ranked in the top 10 in his heart are always changing, running toys, iron kisses, hee-hee.

The first kiss, give the bottle.

The second kiss, to Piglet George.

The third pro, to the ocean ball.

The fourth kiss, to the little monster.

The fifth kiss, to the little fish.

The sixth kiss, to the car.

Seventh kiss, give the helicopter.

The eighth pro, give the blocks.

Ninth kiss, to the moon.

Tenth kiss, to mom and dad.

Then he climbed into bed, his red fluttering face and sleepy eyes were particularly cute.

Aunt Ang and Wa’er both felt very happy.

Today’s sharing recommendation is over, I hope you can like this picture book story, let’s fall in love with parent-child reading together.