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The whole art world since yesterday

All were brushed by a painting by Monet

The auction price was 760 million RMB!

(I can’t even count this amount on 10 fingers)


It’s this haystack

This oil painting of one of Monet’s haystack series

Sold at auction in New York for a total of $110.7 million

Set a new record for the auction value of French paintings

Monet’s haystack has a series

Today’s auction turnover of 760 million yuan is one of these series

This oil painting by Monet

Broke the auction record for French paintings

This oil painting of Monet’s haystack, 72 cm long and 92 cm wide, is one of Claude Monet’s Haystack paintings. The series was created by Monet in the winter of 1890-1891 at the Studio Glaire in Normandy.

▲ “Haystack” was sold at Sotheby’s at a sky-high price, and the audience applauded

▲ “Haystack” was previously exhibited in Hong Kong

This is the highest auction record for Monet’s paintings to date

It must be said that this amount has peaked

And it is one of the 10 highest auctions ever held at auction

It became the first impressionist painting in history to break the US$100 million mark at auction

At the same time, it ranks as the 9th most expensive painting in the history of auction

▲ Impressionist grandmaster Monet

The last time Monet’s paintings were auctioned was a record high

It was auctioned at Christie’s in New York for the fall of 2016

Monet’s Hay Stack (1891) for more than $81.44 million

(about 497 million yuan) set the latest auction record for Monet’s paintings

▲ Monet, “Haystack” (1891)

The owner who sold this haystack painting is an anonymous collector

He was auctioned at Christie’s in New York in 1986

The painting was acquired for only $2.5 million

Dae-kun thought about it seriously

$2.5 million is now about 15 million yuan

15 million in 1986 was a very large number

It’s a very expensive amount of money

This haystack painting by Monet

Sotheby’s auction in New York

in order to

8 minutes

Very intense bidding

In the end, it won 760 million yuan, including commission

18-month period 1890-1891

Monet created 25 Haystacks

He painted 25 haystacks in a year and a half

Just to explore the light and shadow weather changes of the haystack for a moment

Of the 25 Haystacks, 17 are in the museum

In the past 30 years, only three have appeared on the market

▲ Monet’s “Haystack” | Chicago Museum of Art

▲ Monet’s “Haystack” | Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Monet painted 25 haystacks

Why did this one sell for such a sky-high price?

Looking closely at this haystack is wonderful

The oblique light outlines the shape of the haystack

The colors are rich and intense, and the picture is abstract

The grain pile is huge and thick

The haystacks shone golden in the sun

The picture is filled with the tranquility, harmony and vitality of nature at the same time

▲ August Uribe, head of the Impressionist and Modern Art Department, earlier deconstructed “Haystack” for us

In recent years, Monet’s works have been on the international market

All are sold at a very high price

The work of this well-known Impressionist master

It can be said that he has become the darling of the art world

Monet’s Water Lilies series

It is also auctioned for hundreds of millions of dollars

In May 2018, at the Century Auction – “Peggy and David Rockefeller Couple Collection Collection”, another “Water Lilies” series created by Monet, “Blooming Water Lilies”, finally fell under the hammer for 75 million US dollars, plus commission for 84.6875 million US dollars, equivalent to 539 million yuan

▲ “Blooming Water Lilies”

Water Lilies, created in 1906, was published at Sotheby’s London in June 2014

Sold for $55 million (less commission of about $296 million).

▲ Monet’s 1906 “Water Lilies” was sold for $55 million at Sotheby’s London in June 2014

and works sold at Christie’s in New York in May 2018

“Water Lily Pond”

The transaction amount is

220 million RMB

▲ “Water Lily Pond”

as everyone knows

Monet was one of the founders of Impressionism

His famous work

“Sunrise Impressions”

It’s a very classic impressionist work

How many people are the same as Dae-kun

I like Monet’s landscapes and characters very much

The sense of color is very well used

Especially the water lily series

It fascinated me deeply

▲Monet’s “Water Lilies”

His landscapes are light and bright

Observation is nuanced

Very keen for light and shadow and color capture

There is a charm to his paintings

I have seen the landscapes under Monet’s brush

I feel that the scenery of the world is like floating clouds

The natural beauty of the colors created

The artistic conception he depicts is very attractive

Dae-kun loves his green-toned scenes

The dark green of the tree, the new green of the grass

Vibrant and fresh

It doesn’t matter if it’s spring or summer

I was in a good mood when I saw it

He loves nature

Often go out to sketch

Drawn obliviously

The capture of natural scenery is delicate

Everyone knows that Monet had a garden

In the small town of Giverny on the Seine in Paris

There is a small two-storey bungalow

Beautiful scenery, The view is breathtaking

He bought the land here

As a garden and pond

I also got a Japanese bridge

Water lilies were planted in the pond

His series of 251 water lilies

It’s all drawn here

He often painted flowers and water lilies in his garden

He spent nearly 20 years in his later years

I often paint these scenes in my garden without going out

And his wife is also very famous

The landscapes he paints are wonderful

The depiction of the landscape is very natural

Anyone who sees such a scene

I’m going to want to go out

He will color pure and beautiful

Play to the fullest

The color tone in each of his pictures

It’s all so steady

Colors and brushstrokes come to life

Monet excavated charm from the beauty of the outdoors

The observation of the scenery is very subtle and keen

His paintings have no clear shadows

But the use of color is delicate

For Monet’s paintings

I’m stuck in it

Love his tones and brushstrokes

I also love the light and scenery he paints

His paintings couldn’t help but be saved manually

Paintings that incorporate emotions are alive

▲Monet’s “Water Lilies”