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Recently, I have been writing pants, shoes, too

The writing is written thick coat


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Have you ever found it difficult to get a proper thick coat?

Thick coats are not like other tops, even if they are longer, they will appear short, and they are short and not warm enough; A little wider is bloated, a little narrower and uncomfortable to wear… It can be said that it is super difficult to pick!

In fact, it will be so difficult, the essence is still because

Each coat style is different

, if you use a set of criteria to pick, of course it is easy to step on the thunder.

So, today let’s talk to the girls

How to choose different thick coats to avoid showing fat

to solve the problem at the root

As a senior suit lover, I plan to talk about the most blazers in the wardrobe, good-looking, versatile, and durable, which is an endless advantage for me.

And not wearing the suit thin and tall, a large part of the reason is the fit, design elements.

Like the shoulder pads in the fit, the two “magic sponges” with a finishing effect, the body shape of different shoulder shapes can be selected correctly to be the icing on the cake.

For girls with wide shoulders, you can choose a style without shoulder pads,

The shoulders will not be enlarged

, of course, it is no problem to appear thin.


Narrow shoulders

The girl can choose

With small shoulder pads

The style optimizes the head-to-shoulders ratio and enhances the aura.

If you want to pick the right shoulder suit, you have to measure the width of the shoulders, that is, the curvature between the shoulders, not the vertical distance

(1) The first step is to raise your hand and find the depression of your left shoulder.

(2) In the second step, look down and find the raised bone, which serves as the back neck point.

(3) The third step is to find the depression of the right shoulder and connect the three points to the shoulder line.

At the same time, pay attention to the width between the shoulders and shoulder pads.

Generally, shoulder pads need to be wider than the original shoulders

Multiple about 3-4cm

, for example, the width of the shoulders is 38cm, then the suit to buy 42cm is just right.

Bless with thick clothes as an underwear, so that it is not easy to cause the visual effect of the tiger’s back and bear’s waist.

Or when fitting, make a crossed waist position and look at the big arm

Drum kit.

If the bulge is large, it means that the shoulder pad exceeds the shoulder too much, and it is easy to show the shoulder width; Only small bulges or flat are OK

Design elements include buttons and suit trims

Don’t look at the small button, the distribution of single row or double row is visually different!

A single-breasted one will appear thinner than a double-breasted one



It occupies a small area, whether it is opened or buttoned and worn, it visually causes the effect of vertical thinness.

And, to be honest, single-breasted buttons will be better to handle, and versatility and thinness will make the coat more durable.

Finally, add a slimming machine, which is the corner of the suit.

When the suit is worn normally, the edges will be together, and at this time it can be seen that the corners are

The micro-opening is still a closed fit

I suggest that girls choose to open slightly, because when the hem is closed,

This little triangle at the bottom

, will be better than “one horse flat river”

Show leg length

Then invite an evergreen in the coat world, a trench coat, if you want to wear the aura, it is right to prepare a trench coat.

If you want to wear a trench coat to show the effect of thinning, in fact, it is often overlooked

Rain cover and lapels

The size is quite important.

The rain cover is the piece of fabric behind the trench coat, and many windbreaker styles on the market will add it to “trick” us into design.

However, because the rain cover is very light, it is easy to “float” after wearing it, and the volume is directly doubled!

On the contrary, a trench coat without a rain cover structure fits the back line more closely and is not easy to appear bloated.


Thick back and wide shoulders

The girl, or obediently leave the “careful thinking” on the matching, avoid excess “fabrics” such as rain covers, and this trench coat will be more durable~

If you feel that the basic model is too monotonous, you can choose to add some small design elements to the sleeves and collars, or directly change the color of the bright spot, which can add color without increasing the sense of expansion, killing two birds with one stone

If yes

Big chest + thick back

The girl, also pay attention to the size of the collar, the collar is too small will appear cramped and stocky upper body.


Large lapels

The collar shape close to the coat allows the coat to be worn between the coat and the underwear

Feeling of breathing

, and spring and summer dew meat is a truth.

but! The small, skinny girl saw the big lapel or quickly retreated; The big collar will pull the center of vision from the neck to the belly, directly from “all legs below the neck” to four or six points, which is really short.

Small lapels not lower than the chest

It will be much taller~

Of course, there is also a tweed jacket for each person, and an atmosphere group contestant with a sense of autumn and winter.

However, I found that many girls did not pay attention to the pockets and sleeve cages, which are the most likely reasons for wearing a tweed coat.


The height of the pocket can cause visual bias

。 The high pocket can make the visual center of gravity lift, show the long legs, and naturally say bye bye bye~

I’m really worried that I can’t pick a pocket of the right height, and it doesn’t matter, it’s on the market now

Slant, hidden pocket

There are also a lot of coats, and you can directly avoid pulling down the waist line by the pocket~

Then there’s the sleeve cage.

Because the fabric of the woolen coat is thick, it is not suitable to choose a sleeve cage that is too large or too small, either to appear fat or strong

Coupled with the fact that it is not elastic, slightly layered with thick clothes, it will wear a hard feeling of bangbang.

Therefore, it is recommended that girls put their hands into their cuffs and fists into the sleeve cage when trying on woolen coats

Free up a fist-width

The sleeve cage is appropriate.

Or wear

A thick sweatshirt

It’s okay to try.

Take care of the girl in the north, it must be an essential down jacket for deep winter, warm and light, and it looks like a warm baby walking ~

But as we all know, a down jacket is a piece with a magnifying filter, cute Michelin tires, is it like you wearing a down jacket.

And the most intuitive is the inflatable feeling of the down jacket, too strong has a feeling of shortness.

Reduce the excessive filling of down jackets and reduce the feeling of inflatability, which can also be done

Light and warm

, the most important thing is not to look fat, girls may wish to try!

The second is the surface of the fabric.

Just like the already full face, once you add the feeling of water, it will become “swollen and inflated”

The already fluffy down jacket should not challenge the bright surface, otherwise it is really like a walking balloon, swollen and round~

Therefore, the fabric of the girls should not be too inflated when choosing a down jacket,

Matte and soft

The fabric can be identified when you see it!

Last but not least


, no matter how the style of the down jacket changes, this design will exist, it is to help us

Compacted expansion of down

In addition to the body, I recommend that girls choose styles that also have stitching on the arm, so

The sleeve tube is constricted

You can lose weight and get thinner.

However, the more stitching is not the better, the more will focus on the upper body, enlarge the body shape, sparse stitching not only appears light, but also distracting

Probably on down jackets

3-4 cross-carriage stitches

Just OK.

If you want to slim down better, you can also choose diamond check stitching, just pay attention

Don’t be too small

, it will not show the soil ~

Well, the tips for choosing a thick coat for autumn and winter are shared here! I don’t know if the girls learned.