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Hello, everyone, welcome to the new issue of Cycling Mechanics.

A few days ago, a video about the use of bicycle lights for cycling during the day was released, and many friends felt that the use of lights during the day was not unnecessary.

However, there will still be problems, such as the lights need to be charged frequently or the battery is replaced, and if a power hub or friction lamp is used, not only the brightness is not reached, but for most riders, the increased resistance is unacceptable.

With battery lights, batteries can also cause pollution to the environment

Friction power generation lamps not only have messy wiring, but also have large friction and unstable lights

Today, it happened to see a bicycle light that was released a few years ago. Magnic microlight, claims to be the world’s first bicycle light that does not require batteries and can generate electricity without contact with wheels.

As long as it is a good conductor, it can effectively activate the generator and generate electricity

This solves the problem of needing to use lights for every ride. At present, it should have come out of the third generation of products, the new design in the lights, on the basis of the original further optimization, in addition to the smaller size, but also added sensors, you can need to turn, tap the brake twice to activate the flashing function on one side, and through the Bluetooth connection mobile app, you can also display the current speed and set the lights.

There is no battery, and there is no contact to drive the generator to generate electricity, what is the principle? This company used an eddy current technology, the principle of which is that the inside contains a strong magnetic coil, the outside is wrapped with a metal coil, when the wheel rotates, it will form a magnetic field movement relative to the magnetic coil, and the wheel material is an excellent conductor, which will produce a lot of eddy current.

Due to electromagnetic induction, eddy currents also generate magnetic fields, which in turn drive the external rubidium magnet to rotate and generate current.

Traditional friction lamps will cause current instability due to speed, and the lights will flicker on and off. The same is true on Magnic, but a built-in microcontroller in Magnic Microlight can ensure stable current output and normal operation even at a minimum speed of 3 kilometers per hour.

The lamps powered by ordinary power hubs are only in the best state if the adaptation speed is only 10-20 kilometers. The capacitor controlled by the IC can not only maintain stable brightness, but also continuously provide power when stopped, and automatically switch to the flashing state, like a double flash on a car.

The lamp is indeed a good lamp, that is, at present, there is no purchase channel in China, and it can only be purchased from the official website. Including the headlamps and rear taillights, there are 4 and two sets of lights, and the price is 196 euros, about 1568 yuan. If you think it’s expensive, you can also buy it separately, and the price is 65 euros, about 520 yuan. Although it is a bit expensive, it is worth the ruthlessness for design and ideas, and for safe riding.

Well, that’s all for our content in this issue, Cycling Mechanic, bringing you more novelty, fun, fun, and use of cycling knowledge every day.