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In the current era of sportsmanship, the little fairy’s wardrobe must have sports-style items, otherwise they are a little embarrassed to go out. Every time our little fairy likes Han Fan’s collocation, take a closer look at the style of dressing and matching of TAs, in fact, it is quite uniform, and our baseball uniform jacket is deeply loved by Korean girls, and often see the shadow of baseball uniforms in TV series or movies. Today, the editor will recommend the Korean version of baseball uniforms to all little fairies, so that our little fairies can feast their eyes.


Pink has always been the exclusive color of the little fairy, a super age-reducing baseball uniform jacket, who is not a little fairy full of girlish hearts? And with a white T-shirt underneath and a lace skirt on the lower body, when elegance and retro collide, it will produce a different spark.


With a contrasting stitching design, this baseball jersey is creative and gives a three-dimensional sense of color, and this dull winter is no longer afraid of monotony.


Pure cotton fabric, baseball uniform printed with cute cartoon print pattern, as soon as you wear it gives people a lively sense of youth, the lower body can be paired with classic jeans, walking on the street, the rate of return is outrageous.


The use of traditional Chinese craftsmanship – embroidery, which gives this baseball uniform a different meaning, a large area of romantic cherry blossoms on the back, with a sense of gradation of richness, eye-catching, loose baseball uniform fit, no figure at all, the lower body with a knitted skirt, our little fairy will definitely fall in love with this baseball uniform at first sight.


Young to be brave and challenged, this baseball uniform with white as the main color of the keynote, and then on the sleeve to do innovative design, a red and a green match, so that the light color looks very small and fresh literary fan.


If you don’t like a short baseball uniform jacket, then choose a mid-length one, which is not only cold and cold, but also very fashionable. The design of the badge adds a bit of spirituality to the baseball uniform, and our little fairy wears it, and the overall temperament will become heroic and sassy, with a bit of casual hip-hop style.


The dark color used in this baseball uniform is also embroidered on the back, such a unique embroidery, if you want to collide it is really a bit difficult, so our little fairy does not have to worry about the problem of colliding shirts.


According to the normal routine, the baseball uniform jacket has always given us the feeling of fashion trend, but this printed baseball uniform is ingeniously designed with watercolor graffiti prints, unconsciously revealing a fresh literary and artistic model.

What do you think? The 8 baseball uniform jackets introduced by the editor today, is our little fairy already thrilled after reading it?