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Since the summer, I have noticed that there is a pair of boots that is super popular, and that is the dashing and cool western boots.

It also has a new nickname called “Spice Boots”. Because looking around, from Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa to supermodel Erin Wasson, it seems that the entire fashion circle of hot girls are wearing western boots.

Among the Asian female stars, Lisa, Xinya and Yang Caiyu are also fans of Cowboy boots, and although their dressing styles are different, they all hold on with a pair of western boots. In this way, these boots are not only cool, but also very versatile!

We boldly predict that Western boots are about to become the next big shoe. But how do you choose the right boot shape for you, and how do you match it? Then look down.

Western boots originated in the American West in the 19th century, originally designed to facilitate cowboy riding, so they are also called “Texas boots” or “cowboy boots”. It is usually not a flat heel style, but a wedge heel with the heel sloping inward, which is more secure when getting on and off the horse; The front and rear of the boot are designed in a V-shape to facilitate quick removal of the stirrup when falling from the horse. And the most traditional western boots are pointed toe slightly upturned, and the boot barrel has a western-style carved texture, which is very recognizable.

Later, western boots gradually became popular among women as a fashion item, and its design was constantly changing. Princess Diana often wore modified flat-bottomed western boots in the 80s, with suits, slacks and baseball caps – isn’t that the most fashionable way to wear them these days?

Hailey Bieber and blogger Camille Charriere have both paid tribute to Princess Diana’s outfit, which is very chic and charming!

Replacing the trousers with a height of eight or nine points is completely true, and the trouser legs will not mumble on the boots, and they will also look more neat.

In general, the design of the boot height stuck at half the calf is not friendly to thick-legged girls. However, the V-shaped toe and cuff design of the western boot has the effect of elongating the leg, and the low heel is also very high; In addition, the boots are relatively wide, and there is no trouble that the calves cannot be worn at all.

For hot girls, this cool boot with a bit of neutral temperament is very suitable for interpreting the fashionable personality. Therefore, various wearing methods such as western boots + mini skirt, western boots + shorts have been developed by them.

In Toral, Lucchese and other brands, you can buy very well-fit western boots, the price is about 2,000 yuan. If you feel a little expensive, you can also go to the vintage clothing store to find out, don’t worry about the old and new, western boots, the older the more fashionable!

Danish stylist Pernille Teisbaek’s suede western boots naturally have an “old” and warm retro feeling, and they look good in autumn.

In addition to wearing short skirts and shorts, you can also try a flowing and romantic side slit long skirt, which can be mixed and matched with stiff and stylish western boots, which will bring unexpected surprises.

Traditional western boots are basically mid-barrel boots, which can protect the legs and make it easy to move. But girls want to be tall and show off their legs, so the more fashionable booties Cowboy boots are also popular.

Celine’s autumn and winter staple is a pair of Western-style booties, which match the temperament of jeans from the American working class, and you don’t have to put down fashion.

French brand Isabel Marant, full of hippie spirit, also loves these western booties, with a wide pointed toe that highlights the slender ankle.

This “short” western boot is also the favorite of supermodel Erin Wasson, who usually wears this one when shopping, watching exhibitions or going out.

So much so that later cooperated with the American shoe brand Lucchese, and also specially created a pair of color-block booties, the design of snake texture and heterochromatic panels is so special, it is a must-have for hot girls at a glance.

Western booties resembling snake print and crocodile texture have a wild western spirit and are loved by fashionistas. Wear it with straight-leg pants or silk dresses, each with its own style.

Many people love to wear Golden Goose’s “little dirty shoes”, but you may not have noticed, this brand of western boots is also super stylish. As a free-spirited brand, Golden Goose’s Texas booties also look dirty and old, but they are really personal and have a lot of attitude.

Amsterdam brand Toral has introduced a more innovative design, which retains the traditional boot shape and wedge heel while playing with bold patterns, bright color collision, making these western boots look full of futuristic retro characteristics.

Fashion blogger Vanessa Hong’s feet are also “upgraded” Western booties. Glossy leather instead of embossed patterns, metal toe toe with black body, simple and cool pieces that are easy to wear high-end.

These boots are very compatible with pants of any material and shape, leather pants, suit pants, casual pants… According to our usual idea of matching booties, we dress with a casual attitude.

But I think the most leg-length of Western boots is the tall model. It visually connects the knee to the calf to maximize leg length.

Just look at “Sister Snap” Dua Lipa. These Dsquared2 thick heeled western boots make her look at least 15 centimeters taller.

There is also this pair of modern boots with black and white panels, which are quite popular in European and American blogger circles, and Camille Charriere and Beatrice Gutu are wearing them. Because the boots themselves are more enveloping, they are usually worn with mini skirts and denim shorts, which are more skinny and thinner.

These boots from French label Isabel Marant have a distinctly western feel in black cowhide and soft sand-colored suede for a soft, comfortable fit.

There is also a light-colored version, which is rare in western high boots, and it is soft and not so tough to wear.

Balmain offers another way to match it, balancing the lightness and softness of the chiffon skirt with dashing western boots, bringing a firm and attractive feminine image. These boots are made of rubber, cool on the outside but soft on the inside, all pink and tender colors, and the long skirt is particularly gentle.

The popular Nordic brand GANNI among the hot girls can often find fashionable shoes. This season’s all-black glossy leather western boots are particularly cool and put on to the crowd.

If you’re a big fan of western boots, you’ve probably heard of CITY Boots. Born in Texas, the birthplace of cowboy boots, it is a brand that specializes in handmade western boots for women, which means that you can find a variety of classic styles of boots that fit the women’s feet at CITY Boots.

The off-season fashion of wearing boots in summer is not acceptable to everyone, but in autumn, this wave of trends can finally be arranged. Of the three different heights of western boots recommended today, which pair do you want to pick the most? Leave a message and let us know!