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Good evening ducks to the baby fairies

Today’s hoarding is still the hoarding of the struggle against winter

I heard that the weather in the north is no longer possible to wear autumn shoes

So I found a lot of autumn and winter shoes for everyone

I myself love daddy shoes

I hope to have it all year round

It is estimated that Tang Yan and Zhou Dongyu are also iron fans of casual shoes

It’s so cold now

Of course, wear warm and good-looking shoes

Especially when taking photos, you must not lose

Let’s take a look at today’s recommendations

Store: Supreme clothing franchise store

Reference price: 69RMB



The warm canvas thin cotton shoes of moccalskin fleece understand it, and the inside is super warm to wear. Without the heaviness and clumsiness of cotton shoes at all,

The caramel khaki that looks super appetizing is perfect for the winter when it is covered in silver.

Universal little white shoes can not stop in winter, normal shoe size can be worn in, do not worry because the extra fluff will squeeze the feet Oh, the fit is beautiful,

Satin laces are characteristic. White shoes + jeans, you are still the most beautiful boy on this street!

The flannel fabric has both texture and warmth, and the rubber sole is super carrying,

Dark stain-resistant white clean

, Whether it is a lazy cancer house girl or a fashionable piggy girl, you can start with confidence.

Store: Gokino flagship store


Suede booties must be an indispensable travel item in the cold winter,

The sleek and simple fit is both retro and versatile, and the premium beige color makes the shoes more refined and elegant in casual

The rubber sole is soft and durable,

The little feet stepping into the plush shoes are like stepping into thick cotton, and each step is solid and warm

! Not only can the shoelaces be adjusted, but the texture of the rope just breaks the dullness of the deerskin suede.

The special patch design of the toe cap and the routing of the waves around it are simple highlights

, rich visual layers, even the details are with British emphasis, whether it is a long skirt or pants can be easily controlled!

Shop: Idealistic leisure sports

Reference price: 79RMB


The super hairy ankle snow boots are super warm to look at,

Selected high-quality cashmere fabric, wear-resistant and beautiful, comfortable to feel, exquisite workmanship and wear-resistant, ankles are not afraid of cold

It is said that the breathability is super good and will not stuffy feet.

Comfortable camel looks elegant and vintage

, The wavy folds at the laces not only enrich the layers of appearance, but also give people a sense of fluff with the collar

Ethereal and natural rococo feeling.

The thick and dense full pile interior is soft and comfortable, and the warmth is better, and stepping on the snow with an insole is more cool

! Black is dirt-resistant, gray clean, camel color is versatile, and you won’t freeze your feet all winter!

Shop: Mai Smith’s original women’s shoes

Reference price: 138RMB


Super temperamental vintage small high heeled fur shoes,

Short stars and short-legged babies come to see here, and wearing beautiful high-heeled leather shoes in winter is finally not afraid of freezing feet

。 Office workers can also be elegant without stress!

The metal buckle accessory on the upper has a bright color,

Exquisite and attractive

, with the shoe body gives a high-class elegant feeling, the fluff feels delicate, the hair is fluffy,

It is much softer on your feet than regular high heels

The 4cm small thick heel can highlight the temperament while appropriately increasing the height, and the bottom adopts an intimate anti-slip design, and you are not afraid of slipping when walking on the icy road.

The key is that the little black fragrance does not go with anything! Disobey! And!

Reference price: 128RMB


If you are a little tsundere who does not enjoy waves every day, then how can you turn a blind eye to such good-looking mullepitou shoes,

The court gothic ribbon bow is a must-have for ladies and ladies.

Fit the foot design,

The unrestrained slipper shape makes walking feel lazy

, the upper of the shoe is made of high-quality PU material, the hand feel is delicate, soft and comfortable,

Perfect for the daily care of lazy people.

Stylish and elegant lace-up bow as for the upper,

The elegant and calm color palette is both a bit light and sophisticated, with a hint of girlishness.

The rabbit fur decoration around the insole protects against the cold, which looks super personal. Hurry up and put on all your skirts, and go out to wave ducks together.

Shop: Fashion Women’s Shoe Workshop

Reference price: 59RMB


Martin boots are not only available in a work-mounted motorcycle version, but also in a fresh and casual version!

The off-white fabric with watermelon red and yellow embellishments can also be full of vitality and leisure in the bleak winter!

The pile inner fabric well avoids the drawbacks of boots grinding feet, comfortable and warm, and all kinds of foot types will not squeeze the feet.

The non-slip rubber sole is very soft after post-treatment, and it fits perfectly whether you are moving or walking.

Not only is the style beautiful, but even the workmanship of each stitch is very fine, and the velcro at the collar is full of dynamics, and the overall matching is rich and coordinated, neither monotonous nor messy.

The light color is fresh and clean, and the dark color is calm and dirt-resistant

, white shoes can be wiped clean with wet wipes and small white shoe cleaner.

Shop: Mianjian

Reference price: 178RMB


In 2018, without a pair of daddy shoes, I dare not say that I have mixed in the fashion circle,

The handsome fit and beige upper design are super aura

, the thickened muffin base visually lengthens the height very well,

After confirming the eyes, those who got daddy’s shoes are people who understand.

The matte leather fabric is very resistant to the ravages of winter and is soft

Soft and skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable, the interior is available in spring and autumn thin and winter thick pile

。 The quality and craftsmanship of big brands are very worth the price.

A simple pair of jeans and a casual jacket with daddy shoes can also highlight the idol look in winter

, walking with the wind handsome full score, no longer just for celebrities and Internet celebrities!

Reference price: 198RMB

Reference price


Ignoring the model and the last face of the same style, the shoes are still quite good-looking, since the descendants of the sun have been broadcast, I have an endless affection for Martin boots,

I always feel that there is an extremely soft heart in its hard silhouette.

The upper is made of high-quality suede material, which is comfortable, soft, dirt-resistant and wear-resistant, and will not be tired of shopping for a day in line with ergonomics.

The high-waisted design protects the ankles and won’t get cold, and the 5cm thickened sole can not only elongate the legs, but also waterproof and cold

, step on a small puddle and don’t worry about getting your shoes wet.

The background color of the camel is soft and high-grade, which is not only resistant to dirt, but also very versatile

。 A small area of patent leather complements the smoothness of the upper and the matte finish.

Fashionable, cool and handsome, but not obtrusive at all!

The splice of dark gray breaks the tranquility of the monochromatic and is a super eye-catching highlight

, the overall practicality and aesthetics are all scored!

Wearing leggings is super thin!! Super skinny!! Super skinny!!

Well, today’s shoes are recommended here

Babies can tell me anything they want to see in the comments

In winter, small feet must be protected

Still cold words

Padd a thick insole to warm your baby

It’s all right

It’s not really getting cold yet

Get ready to fight winter

Finally, I wish the baby who likes it

The whole winter can be spent in warmth


Love you

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Love my little cuties

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