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Xinya and Lisa are back at the same time! lalisa

Thai dress

The look is simply not too stunning!

Xinya, who returned with her brother-in-law, is as always

Sweet and spicy little mustang style

, high saturation visual impact with gorgeous and bold shape, only horses can hold this style, right?!

Enjoying the return of the perfect women, I also arranged for the sisters who had no shoes to wear

A few pairs of shoes best for autumn!

Come and take a look~

Every year is the world of Martin boots, and this year’s platform shoes have finally killed a bloody road! Especially the lace-up small leather shoes that were carried by Yang Mi and Rosé, this pair

Dr. martens1461’s 3-well Quad

, the big power is simply where to wear.

Ouyang Nana also wore it, I have to say that it really shows off her thin legs~

Many people struggle with choosing

5CM Quad

Still is

3.5cm Bex

, Xiaoike found a very intuitive comparison chart for everyone, Quad is more slender and long, suitable for small sisters, Bex is more legs straight, choose according to demand

Source: Xiaohongshu @Fan Xiaofat has been losing weight

Rosé’s 2-hole ribbon Martins are also good,

Silk laces were lovely

, it will be a little more distinctive than the ordinary model!

The right image source Xiaohongshu @Damao

The two small leather shoes mentioned above are both slender and delicate styles, and Koike actually planted grass

Delias’ small leather shoes

, The round toe design is too cute, and with white socks and open legs, there is a strong American school style.

Source: Little Red Book @.Good @ Luoluo is hungry again

@Want Want Little Crispy @4kan7u

Fancy socks with this bell and whistle also look good!

Source: Little Red Book @ A Little Friend

Wear it with trousers is very sweet and hot girl, especially flared pants, wearing BM girl taste~

Source: Little Red Book @mintfalline@sssoulspeak

Compared with DR, the difference in style can be clearly seen, DR is more graceful and shows long legs,

While the delias style is cute, the wide shoe shape also shows off the legs!

Don’t get tangled, I choose to go all!

Source: Little Red Book @ Happy Porridge Zhou Porridge

Mary Jane shoes from this spring to now, in the final analysis, it is still too versatile!

While the thick-soled block heel increases the height and thinness, it does not tire the foot at all when walking.

Beyond her sister is simply the spokesperson of Mary Jane shoes who walks, and she takes the temperament of Princess Miumiu to death.

The basic round-headed Mary Jane comes with the Sister attribute

, Retro and cute with a small skirt in the style of college babes!

Source: Little Red Book@Yuuu_u@ a small phase

Later, there were many styles full of design,

Square head, thick bottom, plus some flowers, rhinestones three-dimensional embellishment

, immediately raised the fashionability.

Source: Little Red Book @ Doudou @ShynessSpace

Lostinecho this one

Sports buckle

The design adds a casual element to Mary Jane shoes, and it goes well with the princess dress!

Source: Little Red Book@TANG@ Job

ISS also produced a lot of elf quirky Mary Jane shoes, cute but not boring,

Mary Jane + calf socks

It’s yyds!

Source: Little Red Book@Yihann@Mia Min


Regarding the brand and matching of Mary Jane shoes, Koike has given you many issues before, and interested Baozi can poke the following picture review,

Continue to be a maverick girl this fall!

Loafers are more neutral in style, suitable for girls who don’t like full sugar.

Source: Little Red Book @ So Love to Drink Yogurt @ Leonay

Like all shoes, loafers are also coming

The sole is thicker and the toe cap is larger and squarer

The trend changes, this sense of contrast really shows the thin legs!

Source: Little Red Book@VOCOGIGI@ Nan Nan will shine

PRADA’s loafers ins bloggers almost have a pair,

The simple and elegant lines are combined with PRADA’s signature inverted triangle, showing the legs long and handsome.

PPP’s pair of platform loafers also attracted me at first sight, the thick sole and wide toe and legs form a strong contrast, showing the thin legs,

The watch-like decoration is also very special

, this kind of androgynous can perfectly balance too sweet outfits!

Source: Xiaohongshu @ Chen San_

Sisters with insufficient budgets can consider Bershka’s pair.

The little chubby dun-like shoe shape is cool and cute

, Although the shoes are a little heavy and a little hard, they are completely forgivable for the sake of price and beauty!

Source: Little Red Book@7inG_

Little CK’s Dark Night Sweetheart series

It is also the same good looking as open and hanging, and the open stitching design adds a lot of highlights, and the milky white is particularly special

Source: Little Red Book @ Doll @ Sheep Tweed Peach TT

The hottest is still this pair of pearl chain styles, the style of vintage sweethearts is simply competing with Mary Jane shoes, hurry up and try it in the store!

Source: Little Red Book @ Skim nofat@Lsy Qin Gongzi

Loafers are also more versatile,

Wear it with a simple pair of white mid-tube socks and a short skirt for a preppy feel

, dressed as if sitting on a college campus, but not as sweet as Mary Jane, girls of any age can wear it.

Wear it with dad pants

Boylish wind

It has gone to the extreme, and it is very suitable for a set of daily commuting~

Image source: Little Red Book @ Qiqi is a Leo constellation

Baozi who doesn’t want to show his legs may wish to try mopping suit pants, a set of British retro style feeling,

Handsome sister I can!

Source: Xiaohongshu @Han Haotian@Csy_

Daddy shoes that can be worn all year round, so you don’t need to talk about Koike when you match them, right?

Short skirts, long skirts, wide-leg pants, checked pants… There is no item it can’t digest!

So this part is mainly to find some good-looking new models for everyone! Philo’s Hard Candy Series I have to put in the first place to say, it’s so good-looking! Black is sweet and cool, macadamia nut yellow is gentle.

Source: Little Red Book @ Steamed Meat @ Egg Milk Duoduo @ Wen Tea

The height of 4.5cm is simple

Shorty Leben Le

, appear tall and thin! Many female celebrities have worn it!

The shoe shape is really a bit big, of course, the corresponding is

Very thin legs

It is comfortable to walk with soft soles for a day, and sisters who have bought fish bones and cat’s claws and like them will definitely like it!

Source: Xiaohongshu@Zeng Yongyi_

MLB this pair of Internet celebrity little white shoes should have been seen by everyone, and when I watched “Goddess Arrival” before, I found that there were also in the comics,

The thief with Han Li Han Qi on his feet is good-looking!

The image on the right is @peekaboo from Little Red Book

But this time Koike wants to Amway its old flower style,

Autumn-exclusive brown is very ambient

, Perfect with American retro-style clothes!

Source: Little Red Book @ Little Tiger Loves to Eat Bear @ Leng Shangjing


Our domestic brand daddy shoes also have a lot of worthy Amway, such as Xiaochi in order to support domestic products, waiting for more than a month without shipping Hongxing Erke, the last customer service still let back Hongxing Erke, this pair of black I really like it, but Hongxing Erke’s good-looking styles in the store are still not replenished, so I can only wait and see.

Source: Xiaohongshu @Tea Girl A-

Huili is also on a lot of new beautiful autumn models, all of which are walking

Simplicity without error

That hanging, there are surprises when you wander around the store!

Seeing the return picture of a certain sweet potato sisters, I can’t help but buy, buy, buy!

Image source: Little Red Book @ Six Jin @ Little Sweet Cub

@Cicely sauce @ berry what trouble

This double khaki block white + gray style is in

Tian Xiaoyu customized

As you can see, her family belongs to designer collaborations, and many styles are better than those of the flagship store!

Source: Little Red Book@lin1n10@ Nonsense Diary

Feiyue This pair is also a brush burst little red book, the color matching giant giant gentle, milk tea + white color blocking,

The soles are like melted chocolate

, that’s amazing!

Image source: Little Red Book @ Walnut.

The purple daddy shoes of the second generation of Xia Ying

It is also a heartbeat, the color matching girl is gentle, and the sisters who wear black and white and gray are rushed! Absolutely purple!

Image source: Little Red Book @ Guagua Na

When the weather is a little colder, the street is a boots show! In terms of the ability to groom the calf, the boots dare to say that there is absolutely no other shoe that dares to claim the first!

Choose this style with a stiffer boot shape,

It perfectly wraps the well-developed calf muscles

, no one can tell how thick your legs are!

Source: Little Red Book@Mooreyu_

Especially this lace-up type knight boots, because there are straps

The circumference can be adjusted freely

, small thick legs do not have to worry about the situation that the zipper cannot be pulled.

Image source: Little Red Book @ Little P Good Shop @ Little Bear Sweetie

The boots are looser, which is easy to give the illusion that the calves are very thick, so Koike recommends that everyone choose

The cuff has a V-shaped opening that extends the length of the leg upwards!

Compare whether the V-shaped opening on the left is thinner legs?

Image source: Little Red Book @ Fatty Meat

And last year’s boots were already very popular, the basic black model must have been a pair, and this boot essence was not worn last year.

So this year, Koike suggested that everyone find a different way and make something different from others, and I wore this pair last year


I often praise it.

It is as versatile as black, but with a little more of the temperament of a rich lady

It looks great with a skirt or light-colored denim trousers.

Image source: Little Red Book, @ Cui Qing and @zzzoe A @sasa latte

I’m going to buy another pair this year

Brown or creamy tea

, With the same color of the preppy suit is also too good, Hogwarts freshmen are checking in, ready to go to Universal Studios to play!

Left image source: Xiaohongshu @Xiaowangya

Hipsters can also have more options, but it’s best

Pick colors with high grayscale and low saturation

, This is better to control~