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“Douluo Continent” has a lot of highlights, in addition to the wonderful fighting plot, the beautiful characters in the play are also a big attraction. In the course of the battle with the Blazing Fire Academy, Tang San’s daily opening and hanging were very good, of course, the beauty of the fire dance was also enviable. It’s just that beautiful women are dangerous, especially beautiful beauties, the more beautiful they are, the more dangerous they are. However, careful friends have found that in the Douluo Continent drama, the nurses who are a supporting role are also very beautiful, and their costumes are white stockings and tights, which look naturally beautiful. So, how beautiful is the nurse sister? Just look at Ma Hongjun, because his eyes are straight.

The reason why everyone can see the nurse in the Douluo Continent drama this time, first of all, we have to thank someone, she is the beautiful fire dance. Fire Dance has always hated Tang San, so he hopes to die with Tang San. In this way, Fire Dance used the skill of “Soul Ring Fusion”. This move is really powerful, if the fire dance is hit, then she is wasted. Fortunately, Tang San took the initiative to protect the fire dance, and Tang San was seriously injured, which gave everyone the opportunity to see the nurse sister.

This time, the nurse sister came to help Tang San treat, and this costume was really interesting. First of all, she wore white stockings, which looked very beautiful. At the same time, I also wore tights, and the figure itself is very good, so it looks extremely beautiful. Of course, this is the characteristic of Douluo Continent, as long as it is a female character, then she must have an enchanting body.

After the nurse sister examined Tang San’s body, she came to the conclusion that Tang San’s body was different from ordinary people, so nothing would happen. Of course, this is a nonsense, the protagonist’s body is very powerful, otherwise how to open and hang? Moreover, another reason why Tang San dared to resist the attack of the fire dance was that Tang San had a soul bone, and if it were not for the use of spider soul bone, Tang San would probably hang up. Because the fire dance move is among the soul masters of the same level, almost no one looks at this trick.

So how beautiful is the nurse sister? In fact, the look in the eyes of the fat Ma Hongjun hinted at all this. At that time, after the nurse’s sister treated Tang San, she left, but Ma Hongjun’s eyes were straight. He actually kept staring at the nurse sister. It can be seen that the nurse sister is very beautiful, otherwise Ma Hongjun would not have been staring.

In fact, under the portrayal of Xuanji Niangniang, there are no unbeautiful beauties. You know, Aunt Liu Erlong’s age is not young, but she is still a goddess in the play, so it is understandable that this nurse is beautiful.