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Luck to ward off evil peach blossoms, the most pleasing to wear these kinds of jewelry during the Spring Festival (picture from Lot 65. )

(1) Red rope bracelet

We have the tradition of wearing red in the year of life to ward off evil spirits and keep peace, so let’s first send a wave of benefits to the friends in the year of life, and talk about the red rope bracelet that many people will wear, how to wear it to look good. In foreign street shooting, red rope bracelets occasionally appear, and the slender red rope and handmade knotting make it full of casual sense of the street, even if it is paired with trendy clothing, it will not match the painting style.

Red rope bracelet, image from Look Vip Moda.

There are also a variety of materials for red rope bracelets, cotton cord, silk cord or leather rope are more common, the decorations on it can be fixed, or they can be any combination of charm pendants, and you can also enjoy a DIY fun.

Red rope bracelet, image from Pinterest.

The common string bracelet on the street is called Friendship bracelet in English, which was originally knitted by everyone and given to each other between good friends to commemorate friendship. Of course, due to different national conditions, this kind of bracelet is not only red, the weaving pattern is also different, some will also add colorful beads to enrich the texture of the bracelet, of course, the richer the color when wearing, the more interesting it is, when friends wear red rope, you can also match them with several other color bracelets.

Woven bracelet mash-up, image by Moi Contre La Vie.

Woven bracelet mash-up, image from Stylescoop.

If you really don’t like red rope and don’t want to miss out on this colorful head, choose a gold bracelet, which is more lively with interesting patterns or letters, and easier to stack with other bracelets.

Gold bracelet, image from BE News.

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