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There are many types of dresses, and you can choose different shapes according to your body shape when wearing them daily, such as girls with a wider crotch or fat on the thighs can cover their shortcomings through a looser puffy skirt, and the puffy skirt can also present a good anti-aging effect. Li Ying’ai also can’t escape the years, wearing a red puffy skirt to “dress tender”, and the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes are too real.

Impressed by Li Young-ae’s temperament, wearing a red puffy skirt with long curly hair, it is beautiful like this? This dress features a white base on the upper body and red flowers on it. The combination of red and white presents a fresh and elegant effect, but also has a sense of beauty of a mature woman. The neckline is a good representation of the shoulders and collarbones.

The dress adopts a relatively loose puffy skirt in the position of the skirt, and the puffy skirt shape presents a very cute effect when wearing. Whether for young or mature women, this fit is very friendly to wear. And the loose fit can also play a good blocking effect for girls whose thigh lines are not so good-looking.

The slim design of the upper body completely outlines the figure. This dress has a slim upper and lower loose design that can make the upper circumference appear slimmer. At the same time, the waist curve is also perfectly displayed. The combination of tight and loose upper and lower bodies presents a strong visual contrast.

A red belt is used at the waist to cinch the waist, and the waist is double-matched with the belt by natural tailoring to make the waist curve feel very slender, and this red belt is still very bright in color. Pair it with a small bright silver bow right in front of it to highlight the eye-catching effect.

A big wave hairstyle seems to be a standard hairstyle for mature women to highlight femininity. The large waves that curl naturally pile up on both sides of the shoulder and collarbone. The femininity is presented very thoroughly, leaving some broken hair on both sides of the forehead for good decoration, and the figure-eight bangs are very elegant.

However, when I zoomed in on the camera, I found that Li Young-ae was indeed old. Especially when the expression is exaggerated and laughing, the wrinkles on the face are very obvious, and you can also see the double chin. Although it is a pity that the beauty is late, the natural state is also very amiable.

The biggest advantage of the blue cotton and linen dress is that it is comfortable, and the texture of cotton and linen is not only very breathable, but also very loose when wearing. The cool feeling in summer is very strong, and this deep blue color is very friendly for mature women. The simple and atmospheric colors combined with the streamlined cut make the whole person full of a forest girl effect.

The pink-purple dress is more feminine in color, and the design of this color fusion is neither too immature as a single pure pink nor too beautiful in purple. Coming together to intensify, the sleeveless fit reveals the slender arm lines. With the upper skirt, it uses natural pleats to present a sense of layering and three-dimensionality, which is very elegant.

Suit suit is a very common item in our daily wear, but Li Ying’ai’s suit suit is very unique in matching, the way of using a suit top with a skirt is more feminine than trousers, the suit uses vertical stripe elements on the design of the element to elongate the body in terms of visual effect, which is very suitable for small girls. The suit top is matched with a yellow belt around the waist, which is bright and full of jumps in the presentation of color. Aside from the traditional lapel design of the suit top, the V-neck cut is adopted, and two straps are worn on both sides, and the fashion effect of this design will be more intense.

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