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Princess Kate’s aesthetic style is getting better and better, and it is all shown in her outfit, and recently her “aristocratic” blue dress is really a fan.

Simple and neat three-dimensional cut skirt, can outline her slender waist curve, now Kate likes long skirts very much, some coat-like cuts, revealing her “skinny and thin” body, wearing a British retro style.

Although the style of the skirt looks simple, the details, such as the toughness of the shoulders and the pleated lines, are very plus, and the full look is mainly blue, elegant and romantic.

The rich and bright blue skirt has an aristocratic aura, and this blue brings a gentle and high-class feeling. In fact, such bright colors are also bright enough, and at the same time very picky.

If the skin tone is not fair enough, or the body is a little fat, it will visually produce a fluffy and feeling, Kate’s slender posture, wearing a blue dress is just right, the elegance exudes from the skirt.

William and Kate have had a particularly good relationship recently, the appearance of the two in the same frame looks quite sweet, although they have been together for many years, but they interact and love very much, and the smile on Kate’s face is very bright.

Kate, who gave birth to three babies, has a very good line on her face, and there are no traces of wrinkles, and her body curves are so slender, which is really enviable. This blue dress is embellished with two buttons at the waist to visually enhance the waistline, and the V-neck cut reveals a slender neck curve, and the overall look is classic.

Kate, wearing a floral brooch, and William’s brooch is quite CP, wearing a pair of dark blue suede heels, more retro high-end, with a pair of shiny aqua blue diamond earrings, creating a romantic and sweet sense of tenderness, sparkling and moving earrings to create a sense of color layering.

The light and romantic floral light blue chiffon dress uses polka dot elements to create a gentle aura, and the lace-up design at the waist and the V-neck skirt are her usual favorites.

Some loose cuffs to define the curves of the arms,

The lace-up design at the waist outlines the slender waist curve, although the two patterns collide together, isn’t it very high-end?

In fact, Kate wears a lot of blue dresses, and the style is also very attractive, the V-neck cut is one of the most classic elements, and the waist is the second. The combination of a tunic coat and an A-line skirt shows off the British style, and with gentle long hair, the overall look is particularly elegant.

A stylish, avant-garde suit with a slightly cinched top and a chiffon pleated skirt, with some retro elegance, showing a refined beauty. The rich and aristocratic blue collides with bright colors.

Kate is so beautiful in an “aristocratic” blue dress! The waist is slender and wears a retro style, and the diamond earrings shine, do you think that Princess Kate’s blue outfit looks good?

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