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In recent years, players have been more interested in the light weight and flexibility of sneakers, and many times low-top sneakers are more popular than high-tops.

Li Ning has a tradition of low-top god shoes, in addition to the very popular low-top of the handsome series, this year

Sonic 9

Also brings a low-top version.

▼ Xiaobian unboxed real shot

At the beginning of exposure, many players said that their appearance was higher than that of Gaogang. Recently, a new color scheme has been ushered in, and Xiaobian brought it today

Unboxing + Upper Foot

Compared with the high-top version, the low-top version not only lowers the upper, but also completely changes the entire upper material.


Double upper

The design is made of woven material with large mesh on the inner layer and translucent fabric with stretch on the outside.

The vision is more layered, while greatly enhancing breathability, more suitable for summer wear.

Removed the Velcro strap and adopted

Dynamic bondage system

Provide packages.

The neckline is trimmed with leather for a more skin-friendly feel.

The midsole, outsole and heel TPU are identical to the high-top version.

On the foot, you can feel that the upper of the shoe is not small different from the high top, and it is lighter and more breathable.

However, due to the decrease in the thickness of the upper and the elimination of the Velcro, the overall wrapping feeling is not as tight as the high-top version.

▼ Editor’s foot

The flexible foot feel is more suitable for defenders, and it is recommended to start a high-top version for the pursuit of a protective interior.

Midsole mounted

All-in Lightfoam

, providing ample cushioning and soft bounce foot feel.

However, due to the fact that the outside of the heel is not strengthened, the midsole anti-rollover performance is average.

This new color scheme is now available on the official Tmall Li-Ning online store for a price

639 CNY

, interested friends can start.

Li Ning Sonic 9 Low

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