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Recently, Yang Mi appeared at Beijing Airport wearing a red suit,

It’s so conspicuous, it’s red at a glance,

A pair of sunglasses with a delicate face, especially the stunning aunt’s red lips, slightly like Fan Bingbing!

Wearing a turtleneck sweater, the wearing of a turtleneck sweater can enhance a woman’s own unique charm, and it can also make the breasts appear fuller! More mature femininity!

Velor items are a hot spot in this year’s fashion circle, Yang Mi is worthy of being the queen of private clothing, keeping up with the forefront of fashion,

It also has its own unique taste, trying a variety of elements to match, the depth of the skill~

Look at the big picture,

Red coat, with a strong sense of line, can well outline the waist,

At the same time, the A-shaped hem can not only modify the visual proportions, but also give people a tender femininity,

Wear a pair of black tight trousers and a pair of red suede over-the-knee boots, echoing the coat, looking like “red peppers” from a distance, hot and enthusiastic!

Yang Mi seems to really love velvet boots~

Before Yang Mi rushed from Beijing to Wuhan to record “Real Man”,

Yang Mi wears Gentle Monster black super mask, red lips grab the camera, adding color to the overall look, and his half-ball head is full of girlishness.

Wearing a Recto gray long sweater, a choker around his neck, and a black belt around his waist,

Carrying a Vintage Chanel black bag, elegant and atmospheric, highlighting the self-confidence and independent femininity!

Stepping on the Aquazzura royal blue over-the-knee boots to give the overall look the finishing touch, it is worthy of a fashion icon, and such a difficult color can be perfectly held.

In terms of material, this year’s hottest is velvet boots,

The brand that must be mentioned is Aquazzura, the incorporation of velvet elements,

The harmony of textured colors such as sapphire blue burgundy makes Aquazzura boots a style that everyone wants to have.

However, the velvet element is used in such sexy shoes, and there are also high requirements for those who wear it.

If you don’t have long legs, don’t try it easily~

Some netizens said to change to black, echoing the inside, which can be more coordinated!

However, hundreds of netizens said: This shoe is ugly! So what do you think of this shoe? Is it okay to match with the whole?

Summary: Boring and mottled winter, black and white, so which color will you choose to light up your life?

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