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The recent nationwide “cliff-like” cooling has caught us off guard with a “cordial greeting” from winter.

When the weather is cold, people will become eager to wrap themselves, and they want to wrap themselves from head to toe, so all kinds of warm hats have become one of the most needed items this season in addition to thick clothes. It is also reported that this year’s winter is very likely to be cold, and it is indeed necessary to make preparations for the winter as soon as possible.

Look at the female celebrities who have recently gone out, they have also put on thicker hats in order to resist frost. Because of this, the material they chose looked very warm.

Zhang Yuqi/Wang Zixuan

There are cute plush textures, elegant and classic tweed materials, and versatile soft knitted materials, all different from those lightweight hats in summer.


In fact, in the editor’s opinion, the hats selected by female stars are not only highly practical, but they also know what kind of hats can keep them perfect at all times, in other words, these hats are also friendly to their hairstyles.

Yao Tong/Dua Lipa

Huo Wenxi

So, this autumn and winter, what hats can help us survive the winter and improve our autumn and winter outfits?


These trendy new hats are worth paying attention to!

All fashion items have a different trend every year, even for humble hats. Especially now that the season is changing, hats also need to become more suitable for the current climate.

For those who want to create a glamorous high skull, a stylish knitted hat is a must-have for autumn and winter. Compared to other hats, which tend to crush hairstyles, knitted hats with towering tips and inverted V shapes do not have this concern.

That’s why knitted hats are suitable for petite girls. It can help you raise your visual center of gravity to achieve a high effect.

Right: ETRO Fall/Winter 2021 collection

This fall and winter, editors found that knitted hats from Celine have become a favorite of female celebrities. In fact, most of the knitted hats in this series adopt the most simple design, there are no fancy elements on the hat, and the simplest solid color wool has a striking CELINE letter logo, but it is eye-catching enough.

Wen Yongshan/Meng Jia

Here, the editor recommends a collection of knitted hats from the Swedish brand Totême. As a representative Nordic brand, Totême’s hats are also the same as their ready-to-wear, simple and high-end texture, with basic daily wear can be insulated.

The fisherman’s hat is probably one of the favorite “small face artifacts” of female celebrities, after all, most of them wear it out all year round, sun protection in spring and summer, and warmth in autumn and winter.

It’s just that in autumn and winter, the fisherman’s hat you choose will change in material, from light nylon material in spring and summer to more practical plush and tweed materials in autumn and winter, which is more warm and windproof.

The thickened fisherman’s hat seems to have a “cute buff”, especially the colorful style, which can make the wearer look very soft and cute, even if the style of dressing is more neutral.

The fisherman’s hat on the right is from the Marimekko Early Fall Co-created collection

The long brim is the most recognizable feature of baseball caps, for girls who are keen on Athleisure style, such a hat with a strong sense of sport and shape, and can effectively help us fix the front bangs.

Similarly, baseball caps can change the thickness of the material to synchronize the seasons. Now this temperature, it is very suitable to buy that fluffy, teddy bear-like baseball cap, wearing it on the head feels soft and warm.

MLB baseball caps combine autumn and winter materials such as lamb fleece, corduroy, and tweed, and are decorated with seasonal patterns such as houndstooth checker, and are worn with vintage elements. After winter, you can choose their baseball cap + thick coat of the same color, it is very cool to go out on the street!

Who says a slightly bleak autumn and winter should be frizzy? Look at the berets and newsboy hats in the street photos, one is more delicate than the other, even if the wind blows, they will not look messy.

The French beret and newsboy hats are very friendly to long-haired girls, especially the feminine wavy rolls, and when you wear these two hats, they immediately look very artistic.

The material of berets and newsboy hats in autumn and winter will be mainly wool, and the woolen material is generally considered to be the representative of French elegance, and when applied to the design of these two hats, you can achieve the effect of 1+1>2!

The berets and newsboy hats from RIOTLILY have a pure French style, warm suede material and feminine pearls, mesh and other details, it is very temperamental to wear.

What could be better than this furry oversized “thunder hat” to keep warm? The editor has tried this kind of hat, and immediately feels the temperature rise of 5 degrees, and my mother no longer has to worry about us being cold to the point of “headache” in winter…

This type of big hat is very present, so the hairstyle can be as simple as possible. Keep the simplest long straight hair, or ordinary short hair with a drape feeling, and you can fit with the warm and chic “thunder hat”.

Another hat that can “save life” in the cold winter is the balaclava. Don’t listen to this name is very awkward, you will not be unfamiliar when you see the picture, just like the combination of the “face gini” and the ski mask –

Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2021 collection

Most of these hats are made of knitted fabric, which fits perfectly on the face, and it wraps all the way to the chin, so that your entire head can feel the warmth of being firmly wrapped.

You look at the demonstrations of those bloggers and models, in fact, wearing them is very age-reducing!

Since experts say that you should start keeping warm from your head in winter, take advantage of this cold wave and buy yourself a few warm and fashionable hats!

Source: Oriental IC, Visual China, partly provided by the brand