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At the end of each year, in addition to summarizing and looking forward, Qin Yang also has a small habit with a slight sense of ritual, that is, to buy a favorite small object for himself.

Probably because the end of the year is quite cold, after several years in a row, Qin Yang found that the most common purchases were cashmere products. Really, once touched, the warm and soft touch brought by cashmere is very addictive.

Some describe it as “softer than a kiss and warmer than a hug”, isn’t it?

I bought more, and the straw slowly chose cashmere, and also had some care, and I will share it with you today. If you are also interested in cashmere products, I hope that the information in today’s article can help you make a more suitable choice ha.

1. Price

First of all, let’s say a few words about popular science.

When we say cashmere, we usually mean cashmere. Among them, Baby Cashmere is the best of the best, it uses the inner layer of fleece of 3 to 12 months old goats, combed by the process, and has the softest skin (and of course, the most expensive).

Cashmere because of textile technology, fluff quality, brand and other reasons, the price difference is also quite large.

Loro Piana or Brunello Cucinelli, known as the “Hermes of cashmere”, the price of a plush sweater is about 1.5W, and when the affordable brand Uniqlo is discounted, a cashmere sweater will appear at a price of 499 or even 399.

On the little orange software, cashmere sweaters are searched for a lot, and the price ranges from dozens to thousands. How to judge the authenticity, in addition to burning yarn and smelling the taste, the easiest way is to “look at the price”.

A friend who makes his own clothing told Qin Yang that the current market price of a kilogram of cashmere thread, according to the number of threads, is about 1,000 yuan / kilogram floating, and the price of cashmere has been rising in the past two years.

A cashmere sweater with thread is about 200 to 300 grams, converted, if it is real cashmere, the material cost alone will cost more than 200~300 pieces, in addition to labor costs, logistics costs, machine depreciation costs, brand operation costs, etc., basically, a cashmere sweater of ordinary thickness, priced at 400~500 pieces is already very conscientious.

Cashmere sweaters within 200 pieces may use very low content blended materials, which may have nothing to do with cashmere at all. After all, in reality, where are there so many bloody plots of “the cashmere factory goes bankrupt, the boss runs away with his sister-in-law”, the wool of Xue capital, and the welfare to the public?

2. Preferred items

In any case, cashmere is not a very cheap thing because of the material, and its price is destined for us to choose it with a little more discretion to avoid idleness to the greatest extent. Therefore, next, according to his own use experience, Qin Yang will talk about what cashmere products are worth prioritizing.

1. Pullover sweater

Because cashmere sweaters can never be as worry-free and labor-saving as sweatshirts, before Qin Yang has always felt that it is suitable to wear cashmere sweaters back after the baby is at least 3 years old, recently it is too cold, unintentionally unlocked the “undershirt + pullover cashmere sweater + sweater” matching routine, wear it without worrying about soiling cashmere but also warm enough, comfortable.

Compared to regular knitwear, cashmere sweaters feel obvious: lighter and warmer.

Because the fiber of cashmere is hollow, its own weight is light while it can also use the air layer to lock the temperature, so wearing it in autumn and winter is not only good to the touch, but also because it is light and thin, as a thermal insulation layer, adding an extra piece in the jacket will not restrict body movements, of course, it is more comfortable.

When it comes to practical wear, Qin Yang personally feels that the small round neck pullover knitwear is the best and the warmth is first-class.

If you’re staying where it’s cold, it’s also a good idea to pack a turtleneck or half-turtleneck cashmere sweater. The touch of cashmere is similar to the softness of children’s little fat hands, even if it is rubbed around the neck, it will not make the neck itchy, who wears who knows.

Although many bloggers feel that cashmere knitted cardigans are also a necessity, but from the perspective of practical wear alone, the style of cardigans is destined to belong to the main force to create a sense of layering, in terms of warmth, it is certainly not as good as pullovers, and cardigans generally we will not wear close to meat, so, from an economic point of view, the material of knitted cardigans is wool and cashmere blends or the material of merino wool is enough (local tyrants casual ha).

As for the color choice, really, the parquet model is not as attractive as the solid color model, and the black and white gray camel is the most versatile and the least likely to become outdated.

If you think that the black and white gray camel is too personal, then try the Morandi color system with a little gray, gray blue, gray purple, gray green, gray pink are very beautiful, the restrained color and cashmere noble tone is also more in line, wear more texture.

2. Scarf

Among the timeless accessories, there must be a scarf option. Because the scarf is also the thing that is most closely in contact with the face and neck, if we can upgrade the material of the autumn and winter scarf to the cashmere version, the sense of use is particularly obvious.


A wide-sized scarf can be used to make a small blanket, but it is slightly bloated around the neck, and you must wrap your hair in a scarf when using it, or you will tie your hair up, which is more advantageous.

The choice of scarf color is best complementary to the color of our clothing, if the coat is mostly dark colors such as black, the color of the scarf can be brighter, light gray is a versatile and good choice for color.

The check model is also excellent, and it easily brings a bit of preppy to the match.

3. Gloves

As a sensitive star, wool gloves are worn for a little longer, and the rice will always have the feeling of tickling on the back of the hand, but after changing the gloves to cashmere texture, it will not be at all.

The cashmere gloves of the straw are not expensive, and they were bought at a discount at COS’s house during the season, if I remember correctly, it is about a hundred dollars, and it has been used in rotation with another pair of sheepskin gloves almost all winter, and the use rate is extremely high.

At the same time, there was also a cashmere knitted hat, which I thought would be commonly used, but compared with cashmere gloves, cashmere hats are more “picky”.

Probably to save costs, most of the cashmere hat hat type is particularly close to the head, the opposite shape has almost no modification effect, although it feels OK to wear, but the beauty is lacking, more suitable for girls with small heads and small faces.

Third, choose items carefully

1. Coat

Many bloggers have told us that cashmere coats are the ultimate dream. After comparing the seedlings, it was found that we still have to start from actual needs when choosing clothes.

Cashmere coats are mainly lighter, better gloss, long-term indoor or short-term outdoor wear, basically enough. But when the cold wind blows, there is not much difference between wool and cashmere coats, and I personally feel that my double-sided cashmere coat is really not worth the lined wool coat to resist the wind and keep warm.

Moreover, cashmere coats are quite expensive, even if they are second-tier brands, they can’t get them without 10,000. If you still need to take public transportation to and from work every day, and stand in the cold wind every three forks and five to wait for a car, perhaps, wool blend or wool coarse coat, is a better choice for warmth and wear-resistant.

2. Socks

A friend described putting on cashmere socks to me as feeling like “stepping on a cloud.”

But maybe my feet are rough, and cashmere socks feel like they feel… Fortunately, it is definitely not as good as the experience that cashmere gloves give me. Given that the price of cashmere socks is similar to gloves, from an economic point of view, I still prefer to choose gloves (local tyrants casual ha).

Really, at the end of the year, rather than expecting others, Qin Yang is more willing to give himself a gift within his ability, it can be a pair of socks, or a coat, because we can give it to ourselves, this gift has become a completely controllable “small luck”, in the coldest days, to bring themselves a firm sense of happiness.

If this year, you also want to give yourself a gift, Qin Yang suggests that you can start with cashmere products, even if others can’t see it, the soft touch like baby skin will make your whole heart and whole person warm and soft.

I always feel that if we are gentle with ourselves, the world will be gentle with us. What do you think?

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