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Life is not a debate game, and there are not only black-and-white choices

Smart panels that can be controlled by the whole house are not only possible to be installed vertically

Let the talent – “horizontal” overflow

GVS Smart· The KNX Smart Touch Panel V50 is down

The world is not only one angle, rotate 90° to discover the more interesting side

In the early summer of 2020, GVS Video Sound carried the spirit · The KNX smart touch panel V50 horizontal version is modeled and co-staged with the V50 vertical version released in 2019.

Breaking the vertical screen form of the industry, it elegantly rotates 90° to the left, bringing a useful and interesting debut of intelligent control of the whole house!

There are horizontal and vertical options, providing one more modern choice for engineering projects. The horizontal style has a different tolerance for the environment; Enlarge the icon by 25% to make the user more relaxed to operate.

How easy is it? From an ergonomic point of view, the lateral movement of the user’s gaze is easier and more comfortable in the range where the width is not very large.

The Smart Control V50 has everything you want

Break through single product interaction and depict high-end smart life in all scenarios. Nowadays, all it takes is a smart · KNX Smart Touch Panel V50 can control all common smart devices to meet most daily applications, especially for intelligent control of homes and commercial buildings.

In daily home scenes, users can simply control the most commonly used lights and curtains in life through the button panel, but it is difficult to achieve complex lighting scene mode settings.

With the “simplicity” of integration, the “complexity” of reality. Smart· KNX Smart Touch Panel V50 integrates lighting, curtains, scenes, HVAC, air conditioning, floor heating, fresh air system, background music, RGB/RGBW dimming, color temperature control and other commonly used intelligent control functions.

Through the built-in temperature sensor, the product directly detects the local ambient temperature, and also displays the air quality detection value and energy monitoring data on the screen, which is comprehensive and intimate.

The hidden attribute of the king that you didn’t expect is also newly presented here

Smart· KNX Smart Touch Panel V50 can be configured with up to 2 home pages and 15 function pages, what is the concept? A higher number of configurable pages means greater flexibility and compatibility for engineering project applications.

Moreover, it supports KNX long frame download, which effectively shortens the download time of ETS configuration. Exceptional, unique.

At the same time, the product supports weekly timer, logic function and scene group function, providing more possibilities for special and complex applications. How outstanding it is, you can tell at a glance.

As a home interactive terminal, GVS Smart· KNX smart touch panel V50 has a built-in distance sensor, when a person is close to the screen, the human body sensor wakes up the screen. In addition to the adjustable proximity sensing distance, the product supports sending status when close to the sensing, which is convenient for security linkage or on-site atmosphere design.

System image resources can be replaced, including electronic albums, function icons and page icons, and even background images, and the interface presentation effect can be controlled freely.

Details determine quality, and every process requires perfection

Smart· KNX smart touch panel V50, using G+F+F double-layer 5-point touch, so that the reliability and anti-interference performance are better. It can operate naturally at minus 5°C, and can also withstand ultra-high temperatures of 55°C.

The hardware test specifications of Lingdong series products follow the CE certification standard and adopt industrial-grade testing levels, which are much higher than the civilian grades applicable to intelligent products.

Exclusive patented installation method, can withstand the front 5Kg tensile force without falling off. The installation adaptability is wider, and it supports standard installation boxes such as national standard, European standard, Swiss standard, Italian standard, British standard, American standard, Australian standard, etc., and the on-site installation is fast and effectively shortens the project installation period.

Elegant and stylish, it has it all the way you want

GVS visual sound ghost talent R & D team, jump out of the conventional design angle, create a new game of one screen and dual styles.

Smart· The KNX smart touch panel is not only an artifact of whole-house control, but also a work of art. Whether you choose horizontal or vertical, the V50 is a bright presence on the wall.

Looking at it, IPS is fully bonded to the screen, bringing a wider viewing angle.

On the other hand, the chamfer design of the rear shell makes the visual effect more light and avant-garde, and more outstanding.

Take a closer look, the partial horizontal drawing, concave fashionable shape, and bring a gorgeous debut of 360° without dead angles.

The world is not only one angle, rotate 90° to discover the more interesting side

Vertical screen installation, classic and elegant, horizontal screen installation, but also make the fashion index burst

GVS Sight Sound Smart· KNX smart touch panel

Horizontal, vertical, very, yes