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I usually believe that many shovel officers will buy kennels for their dogs, but many dogs do not like to sleep.

Today, let’s talk about the favorite places for teddy dogs to sleep, and after reading it, I know that no wonder they refuse to sleep in the kennel

Location 1, on the floor

Not only teddy dogs, I believe that many dogs will like to sleep on the floor.

In fact, it is normal for dogs to sleep on the floor, especially when the weather is hot, the dog’s heat dissipation function is also relatively limited, when they feel hot, they will like to sleep on the floor, which is also one of their ways to find coolness.

Location 2, your bed

I don’t know if your teddy dog usually likes to sleep in your bed, if it shows that you are still important to them.

The bed is where you usually sleep, it is full of your smell, and sleeping with your smell will make them feel very at ease and more secure.

Position 3, on the sofa

The sofa is also one of the places where Teddy loves to sleep, which is also equivalent to the owner’s bed for Teddy, with the smell of the owner, plus the sofa is also very comfortable.

And the sofa is also a good place to move, you can also rest in place when you are tired of playing. If the owner’s bed cannot sleep, then the sofa that is allowed to sleep by most owners is very popular.

Position 4, at your feet

If many times teddy dogs like to rest their chins on your feet when they sleep, it can be seen that the teddy dog is actually more dependent on you, and it also shows that the teddy dog loves you very much.

Snuggling up to sleep with their owner is a very happy thing for teddy dogs, do you allow them to do this?

Position 5, on your thighs

Usually teddy dogs like to lie on your lap, lying on your lap to sleep is particularly comfortable and fragrant.

There is a certain temperature on the thigh itself, which will bring a certain warmth to the teddy dog, and this is the thigh of the most beloved owner, who will resist?

If dogs like to sleep here, you can see that they really love you.

Where does your teddy like to sleep? In fact, if the dog’s sleeping position can see the relationship between you, this needs to be carefully observed and discovered by the owner.

In addition to paying attention to the meaning behind some of the behaviors of good dogs, diet should be paid attention to, eating indiscriminately has a great impact on their health, it is recommended that teddy dogs can be fed dog food with beautiful hair

, so how to choose dog food?

How to choose a beautiful dog food?


Where does your dog like to sleep?

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