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For ordinary people, the price of clothing can not be too high, its practical value must be very high, to retain the classic durable attributes and easy to match the advantages, you can integrate these items in many shapes. Summer these outfits are very suitable for ordinary people to try, as long as these three tops are used well, you can create a lot of changing styles and fashionable atmospheric effects.

T-shirts exist as “evergreen” in summer, which means it never goes out of style. There will always be a large crowd who loves to wear soft and loose T-shirts to show off a casual and casual style.



The design in the layout will not be exactly the same, first of all, it is different in the sleeve, and secondly, there is a big gap in color. Like this one

Black T-shirt in sleeveless style

, it will be more casual, retain the stretching effect on the arms, wear it without a sense of constraint, and it is also very neutral.

The sleeveless T-shirt can also become a popular item in summer, and it features that the arm position is not covered, which can make you wear it cooler and build a lighter outfit.

This sleeveless style

White T-shirt,

Many Japanese housewives can find the most suitable item for them. Such clothing is not difficult to match, simple with a pair of pants, as long as you pay attention to the selection of pants, you can basically fit your leg shape and prevent obesity.

Women who think that T-shirts are too single, have a big misunderstanding of it, in fact, T-shirts are extremely versatile, you can not only change from the perspective of color, let it interpret or fresh and elegant or bright and enthusiastic and other styles, but also directly from the matching to let it have more style display.

Like this one

Blue T-shirt

, low saturation makes it have a very attractive, quite temperamental effect, and the fresh concentration composition is not too low, combined with the over-the-knee skirt, elegant and thin.

To match a good-looking look, you must first choose the right piece, for ordinary people, without a super high comprehension of fashion or a strong ability to control fashion, do not directly challenge the complex piece. The type of solid color and the style of the basic model are the main ones, so that their dressing effect looks more natural and atmospheric.

Simple shirt

It can be a very useful item and exist in women’s wardrobes, it is regardless of age, that is, whether you are old or young, you can use it to form fashionable outfits. Combined with white wide-leg pants, it is a color matching technique and way of dressing that most people can learn from, showing thin and simple and elegant shape.

The variety of white shirts is still very rich, you can try the type of short sleeves in summer, and the style can also be clearer, which will make your clothes more clean and decent.

If you want to create an age-reducing effect, you can work directly with it

Denim-style strap skirt

, the form of the strap can increase the sense of layering, the skirt can also retain the design of the straight skirt, it is best to tighten the waist, appear smaller waist and thinner body.

The color of the shirt is diverse, which is also one of the sources of its specific style positioning, according to the color depth or brightness, it can be a variety of styles to show.

Light purple shirt

, it has a very romantic effect, which can facilitate girls to create gentle and sweet outfits. Combining pants or skirts will not affect the specific expression of this style.

Knitwear is often overlooked in real time, in fact, it can be used in summer to create a cool look, but you must pay attention to the thickness.

A knitted top that can be taken in a sheer style can be slightly looser, creating a slouchy and natural look. This black sheer knit top maintains a pronounced softness, combined with a black camisole to create a hazy aesthetic.

Knitted top if joined


The elements will indeed appear sexier, but if the scale of skin exposure is not large, plus the adjustment of color, it can also make its style trend change somewhat.

Like this one

Knitted top in orange tones

The vitality created is obviously greater than the sexy charm, and you can use it to match a variety of color-based, simple designs or looser pants.

Regular style knitted tops are also very favored, it does not need you to wear it inside, you can wear a full gentle style, you can also interpret other styles according to the specific color positioning, and generally will be tolerant of the body.

This one

Blue knitted top

, more small and fresh. Combined with a warm-colored skirt, this collision of colors also has a sense of beauty.

Ordinary people only need to use basic clothing, such as T-shirts, shirts and knitwear, to make summer wear simple and simple.

Like this light yellow knit top, it will carry a very dynamic effect, especially when combined with green loose shorts, which will enhance this casual style and vitality index.

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Like this one