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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

There may be places in other places dedicated to bees, but in our side, most people will keep nests.

Our family has also raised it before, generally when it comes to the fourth or fifth fate, the bees will divide, and sometimes at home we will meet a large nest of bees flying up, and we met. Usually water is sprinkled on them, or if there is white ash, it is sprinkled on them, and they will find a branch to stop. After stopping, we will have a bamboo basket specially for bees, and we will recruit them into the bamboo basket and put them in the honeycomb.

Put it in the honeycomb and prepare a little sugar water for them to eat. Otherwise, they will fly away without food. If you’ve been in the honeycomb for a few days, you’re still there. Then it will not fly away, it can be raised.

In May and June, you should always pay attention to wasps, and the wasps come back to drive away the bees, so you must see them often in May and June, otherwise when you know it, they will be driven away by the wasps.

Not to mention bee sugar, pure natural, especially sweet, you really can’t eat a few bites when you take it. Because it is too sweet, it will burn your heart if you eat too much, so you generally can’t eat too much.

But eating potatoes under honey, it is really a perfect match, especially delicious, if you have not eaten friends, you can try it. It’s really delicious…

Although there is a lot of honey on the market now. But many of them are not pure, they usually add water or other things to it, so they are not pure.

In fact, honey has many uses, I don’t know you all know those uses?