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There are always people who give up in winter

Fashionable outfits,

Only choose outfits that warm you up. For those who understand fashion, they can wear it in winter

Funky and warm

The outfits on the streets of Chengdu are particularly obvious, and their cotton clothing is also very distinctive. Chengdu women also know how to dress, even if it is warm cotton clothing, it can be matched with special beauty, and people who want to wear warm and temperament learn their matching skills.

▶ Cool cotton outfit

The style is cooler, not affected by the thinness of the clothing,

In winter

It is also possible to wear fashionable and unique effects through thick clothing. Cool outfits are choosing

Cotton clothing

At times, it is recommended to wear a black style, or a silver and gold style with a hooked edge, which is cool


When you match, choose long clothing and fat pants are good, pants choose a printed style, or ordinary cargo pants, it’s quite good

Cool young

。 Some small accessories are also important, the common baseball cap or the less common bandana, all have the effect of making the momentum cool.

▶ Handsome and simple cotton clothing to wear

Particularly eye-catching designs will show off naturally

Cool Fan,

Let the ordinary black cotton clothing become more unique, but the black cotton clothing does not have to be particularly eye-catching to look good, handsome and simple style, more acceptable to the public.

It’s like wearing a fluffy short black cotton suit, with a white hooded sweatshirt or black leather pants

A lot more handsome, Jane

The combination of single does not lose its highlights. If you want to be handsome, you can also change to straight pants to match,

Temperament is more generous.

▶ A combination of gentle ladies

Lady-style cotton clothing is difficult to show through black cotton clothing, but light-colored cotton clothing and diamond pattern cotton clothing are more convenient, gray diamond pattern cotton clothing temperament

Not only advanced,

It will also show the aura of a gentle little fragrant wind.

When matching, after matching a white skirt, the aura can become even more


Lady Fanna also got up. Remember to choose when matching other accessories

Berets, plush

Simple and simple styles such as shoes or small white shoes also enhance the beauty more obviously.

▶ Literary and artistic low-key matching style

Black cotton clothing and dark blue cotton clothing designed simply,

It’s all because it’s too low-key,

At the same time, it is also very versatile and liked by everyone, but many people will do this when matching

Low-key colors

Wear it with a strong sense of presence, such as white wide-leg pants or skirts

Wait a minute

Low-key outfits are also fashionable

collocation skills,

Only need to match a pearl earring, you can show the sense of art that brown coats may not be able to show, which is a very advanced matching technique.

▶ Sweet Japanese outfit

In Japanese wear, you can often see Lingge cotton clothing, because this design is easier to show the sweetness of Japanese by matching it

Check skirt

, there will be a sweet and gentle cuteness.

The most unique thing in Japanese clothing is to let short girls make their temperament become without wearing the effect of showing their leg length

It’s good looking

。 Choose a cotton garment with a gentle color, pair it with a mid-length sweater and a long skirt, and combine it with cuteness

Shoulder bag

, the temperament is particularly sweet, and short people will be more cute after wearing it.

▶ Royal sister Fan super strong combination

Cotton clothing can be matched with cute and “short legs” effect, of course, it can also be matched with the effect of showing leg length, especially short cotton clothing, with short clothing and high-waisted pants, showing leg length

Particularly fanciful.

Especially when wearing crop tops, pair it with a pair of wide-leg pants, and then a pair


Sneakers, legs appear particularly long, and the momentum is also very strong. This type of clothing is best colored

Choose black and gray

Or blue, the green in the cool color is also good, and it is difficult to match other colors so stable and so

High-class momentum


▶ Gentle and unique layering

The impression given by the black cotton suit is cool and stable

, white is more pure and simple

Blue and pale pink are more suitable for cute styles. The short blue cotton is perfect for pairing


Sweaters and white skirts show off the sweet temperament.

This is suitable for layering with warmer wide-leg pants,


It’s obviously a lot more unique. An easier way to layer it is to wear a white turtleneck sweater dress with a brown one

Wide-leg pants or straight-leg pants

, a small piece of complexity can be layered brown sweater, white dress and black jeans, the color is simple will not look strange.

▶ Matching tips for peculiar designs

Fashion changes so quickly, and there are certainly many styles of cotton clothing

Uniquely designed styles,

Will make their collocation eye-catching. Add plush decoration to the collar of the cotton jacket, direct and


Connected together, it is quite distinctive, and the exaggerated collar design pants are quite tall


The unique design must be matched with simple clothing, and the cotton clothing worn in winter should be more simple, otherwise it is easy to make the momentum change

Too much pompousness.

The cotton clothes worn by Chengdu women are so thin, the temperament is also particularly refreshing, and the winter match is too beautiful