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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Looking through fashion textbooks, there is always an article that introduces the outfits of French women. From their concept of dressing, we can get a truth, that is, comfortable clothing is more important.

Instead of wearing clothes that don’t suit you for fashion, wear comfortable clothes and create your own style. For the word comfort, the national brand cotton era can be said to be well versed. The brand firmly believes in the best products, from nature’s gifts. Therefore, the products of Cotton Times use high-quality cotton to convey the pleasure of comfortable dressing. This is also reflected in the creation of clothing.

Autumn is getting stronger, and the cotton era has launched a new underwear. This new product still continues the core concept of “comfort, health and environmental protection” in the cotton era.

One of the new products, non-marking cotton underwear, is made of 100 high-count long-staple cotton, which is softer and more skin-friendly than ordinary cotton. In addition, the fabric is very lightweight, as if wearing an “invisible” undershirt, which can be worn with sweaters, sweatshirts and other autumn and winter items without feeling bloated.

In order to allow users to get a more comfortable dressing experience, the neckline, cuffs and hem of non-marking cotton underwear are directly cut, without the stitching of traditional underwear, which further improves the comfort of the entire underwear. At the same time, the streakless design, even if you wear slim pieces, will not appear embarrassing underwear marks, taking into account comfort and fashion. In addition, the pants are designed with a crotch, which maximizes the comfort of dressing experience.

If we say, the free cut is suitable for women who seek fashion. Then, another herbal cotton underwear is more suitable for healthy women.

The research and development of herbal cotton underwear is inspired by the health concerns of female consumers. On the fabric, herbal cotton with antibacterial effect was selected. The fabric can effectively inhibit the three health-affecting strains of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans, and care for health. After testing, the herbal cotton underwear can still achieve a 5A level antibacterial effect after washing 100 times, which has a long-term antibacterial effect.

Of course, in addition to bacteriostasis, herbal cotton also has the advantages of softness and breathability, freshness and odor, allowing consumers to enjoy comfort in the process of dressing. Like the non-marking cotton underwear, the pants of the herbal cotton underwear also have a continuous gear design, plus no external seam design to enhance comfort. The design of round neck and 9-point sleeves meets the needs of consumers for underwear that is not easy to expose.

The new underwear of the cotton era is the same as the previous clothing, and the concept of comfortable dressing and healthy living is implemented. At the same time, the new product also skillfully combines fashion, environmental protection and consumer demand, making the little thing of wearing underwear more meaningful.