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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

24 hours a day, how many friends have to spend most of the day in the car? Traffic jams, business trips, and sometimes even sleeping in the car are really not okay without creating a warm and comfortable environment. Today, I will pick up some small things in the car for you, and the small space in the car can also give you the warmth of your home.


Is it often found that the tissue box does not know where to be thrown, especially the female compatriots, the paper towel that cannot be fixed is always like a naughty child maddening, the tissue box hanging on the visor not only successfully solves this problem, but also provides the convenience of raising the hand to be able to reach the tissue.


Driving itself is very tiring, especially if you need to travel for business, driving all day in the car, back pain is inevitable. Prepare an electric pillow, you can relax your waist while taking a breath, which can relieve stress and fatigue, which is very good.


When the huge elephant is made into a pet-like drawer box hanging on the back, even the rear passengers can easily extract tissues, and it also adds a bit of sweetness to the overall atmosphere in the car.


Multi-purpose vehicle electronic meters are really very practical, whether it is clocks, voltmeters, or temperature differences between the inside and outside of the car, it is very necessary. The design of the luminous light does not have to worry about not seeing clearly even at night, and it is very convenient for the small one to be fixed in front.


Garbage will inevitably be produced in the car, especially when you have a cold or a business trip to eat something in the car, or drink water in the hot summer, but throwing garbage is indeed a very troublesome thing, of course, throwing it outside is absolutely unclear, must be eliminated things, so the car trash can is very necessary.


I don’t know if you have this situation, anyway, Xiaobian’s mobile phone often falls into the cracks, and it is quite troublesome to take out, not to mention keys, wallets and other messy bits and pieces, with the gap storage box, no longer have to worry about things running out of place.


For drivers, sunglasses are definitely a practical gadget necessary for travel, if the girl with a bad memory is best to have one in the car all year round, because every time the sun goes down, the sun is really dazzling, for travel safety and everyone’s glasses, it is better to wear glasses.


The car is a closed space, especially when the weather is cold in winter, it is inevitable that the car will produce peculiar smells, so car perfume is definitely a must-have. Of course, not only the taste should be fragrant, but the shape should also be very perfect, and it is also a very good scenery as an ornament on weekdays.


Hidden multi-functional hook, hang some breakfast in the car, soup and soup water do not have to worry about spilling out, when not in use, put it away directly, convenient and small. There are a few more in the car, and the passengers in the back can hang some bags or clothes.


Very thoughtful design, double cup holder, to meet you can always prepare a cup of boiled water, but also can prepare an extra cup of coffee or milk tea, do not have to worry about no place to put or accidentally spill, and two pen holes, it is very convenient to remember something, no longer have to worry about not finding a pen.