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On Mother’s Day, nearly 200 pots of Phalaenopsis orchids of the “Every Full Life” limited edition were delivered to all corners of the city at 2 p.m., sending the most beautiful wishes to mothers.

This is the first time that the “Every Full Life” platform has customized gifts for everyone, and I am a little apprehensive in my heart, for fear of which link is negligent. We have strict requirements for the quality of Phalaenopsis, and the price is only 39.9 yuan / pot.

The original intention of the “Every Full Life” platform is to connect with the retail market for some enterprises that encounter difficulties under the epidemic, especially foreign trade, and also to allow citizens to buy high-quality products at preferential prices. At present, the platform has settled in ten manufacturers of direct sales of products, high quality and low price.

The picture above is a foreign trade textile enterprise with a history of 20 or 30 years in Cangnan, Wenzhou. They have a ferret air conditioner blanket that is on sale.

This is a well-known home textile enterprise in Cangnan in Wenzhou, mainly making fabrics and blankets, which are sold all over the world. This year, the epidemic abroad is severe, and their business has been greatly affected, and a backlog of high-end fabrics originally supplied to Europe and the United States has accumulated. In order to save itself, the factory urgently produced this batch of fabrics into a batch of ferret air conditioning blankets.

Cai Huaiyu, general manager of Cosmos Home Textile Co., Ltd., introduced that their family began to produce blankets in 1995, has been operating for more than 20 years, there are more than 600 workers in the factory, is the largest enterprise in Qianku Town Industrial Park, is the top ten leading enterprises in Cangnan County, with an annual output value of more than 300 million.

“In recent years, our company has mainly exported blankets and clothing fabrics, which are sold to Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. But in April, affected by the epidemic, many foreign cities were closed, blanket export orders fell sharply, the clothing industry was also affected, fabric purchases were also greatly reduced, the warehouse backlog of three or four hundred tons of fabrics, these fabrics are very high-end, previously used on the collar of some clothing, imitation fur, a total value of more than 20 million yuan, and many exported children’s blankets are also backlogged in the warehouse. Cai Huaiyu said.

The annual clothing fabric procurement season is from August to December, “If you want to wait until the epidemic improves, the sales in the second half of the year are too late, more than 600 skilled workers, 70% of them are old workers, who have come in from a young age, watching them start a family, they are very emotional, and the company cannot lay off employees if it is hard to carry it.” Cai Huaiyu said that in order to “save himself”, he also let the workers have work. He temporarily set up an online marketing team and took advantage of the quilt changing season to produce a batch of ferret air conditioning blankets, “No one on the market used such a good fabric to make blankets before, the main reason was that it was too expensive, and the light fabric cost about 25 to 30 yuan per catty.” ”

We see in Cosmos Home Textile Company that these blankets from yarn procurement, to fabric processing, washing, printing, all the way to finished products, packaging are made by enterprises, its fabric is made of ultra-flexible polyester fiber, this fabric is particularly strong and durable, but also the most stable heat resistance in the fiber, elasticity close to wool, wrinkle resistance, wear resistance.

Chen Mingxiang, general manager of sales of the company, introduced that a blanket has to go through dozens of processes, starting from the yarn, pulling into a white grey cloth through more than a dozen processes, and then printing and dyeing, washing, dehydration, high-temperature shaping, bristles, hot cutting, and finally after cutting, packaging, a batch of blankets takes a week to produce.

“These products will normally go through the distributor route, and the price will be three to five times that of today.”

The reporter saw that the color of the blanket is beige, using comfortable imitation fur fabric, the hand feel is delicate and soft, and it is made of imitation mink fur texture, a bit like the fur of a rabbit or kitten.

“Although this fabric is imitation fur, it is not irritating, and it is also suitable for children, which can gently care for delicate skin. The air-conditioned room or sitting on the sofa watching TV is as comfortable as a cloud of air, and those who have used it should definitely not use other blankets. Mr. Chen is full of confidence in this product.

Because it is the first test of domestic retail, they put their body very low, and the pricing is basically the same as the price of fabrics. “1.2 meters * 1.7 meters size blanket, 4 pounds, the price is only 98 yuan, this size is especially suitable for summer, put in the air conditioning room; The 1.7m * 2.2m weighs 7 pounds, suitable for sending elders, and is also suitable for spring and autumn covers, only 158 yuan. ”

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In addition, he also took out some student blankets backlogged in the warehouse, the size is 1.5 meters * 2 meters, almost 4 pounds of weight, all clearance price 65 yuan / piece.

“The blankets you see on the Internet in some students, it seems that the price is also within 100 yuan, but the actual size is mostly one meter by one meter three, the weight may only be half of ours, and the material is not the same, some are flannel, the cost is relatively cheaper, so the blanket must have been touched, compared you will know the gap.”

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Every full life Wenzhou Cangnan foreign trade home textile enterprise direct sales 150X200CM student blanket mini program

Cai Huaiyu said that this time they want to help them eliminate inventory through the Daily Business News, and at the same time, let everyone know the brand of “Home Dream”, and give “every full life” ferret air conditioning blanket is an ultra-low experience price, want to see market feedback.

In addition, their batch of products, if used to send a family or business meeting that has just given birth to a child as a gift, take out is also particularly face-saving, more than 100 yuan of products on the market there is no three or five hundred yuan can not buy, in order to meet the needs of such people, they are specially equipped with high-end gift boxes.

In order to further play the role of consumption as a stabilizer for economic development, the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the economic development of the province will be minimized. The Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province on Boosting Consumption and Promoting Stable Economic Growth have been issued recently. The Opinions put forward 16 specific measures to boost consumption, including expanding new areas of smart consumption and vigorously cultivating and developing the night-time economy. The Daily Business Daily also took active action to launch a special report on “boosting consumption and helping production and marketing docking”. If you have slow-moving products, or want to consult specific product information, you can also scan the QR code below to contact us at any time.

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