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Hello everyone, I am A Fei, dry winter and low temperature, coupled with less exercise, people’s immunity has also declined, in limited conditions to eat more water, folic acid food.

Don’t look at sweet potatoes are cheap, help maintain normal folate levels in the human body, and also contain a lot of carotene, often eat is good for health.

Now is the season to eat sweet potatoes, the day before yesterday I went back to my hometown and went to the sweet potato cellar to pick up a basket, usually steamed, boiled, porridge, baked. Today, we will share several different ways to eat sweet potatoes.

【Sweet potato cake】

This old-fashioned snack is not baked or fried, soft and sweet, and has distinct layers. Look at the sweet potato planted by the Li family this year, it is still red heart, and it is crisp and sweet when eaten raw.

1. Peel and slice and steam in a basket.

2. Fry some dried soybeans over low heat,

Turn frequently, roast the soybeans, roast and roast until fragrant.

The kind of pepper and salt soybeans that I used to eat often are also roasted in this way. But that kind of blossoms.

Let’s make soybean flour today, just roast it. I can hear the crackling sound and smell a very strong bean aroma.

You have to turn off the heat and get out of the pot, pour it out and spread it out to cool. Place the fried soybeans in a blender and beat them into soybean flour.

Be sure to let it cool before beating, otherwise the wet dada will be a lump.

After beating, pour it out and use a leakage sieve, and the unbroken slag is not hard to hold.


The sweet potato is steamed, take it out and dig it into the blender, and pour 300 grams of milk into it,

Add two spoonfuls of custard powder

Increase the sweetness of the aroma,

Three scoops of sugar

Stir and break

I like to put more sweet tubes, and I don’t like to eat sweet.

It’s not very demanding, and it’s very dove to make it delicate and silky like this.

Add it in

100g glutinous rice flour, 30g cornstarch,

Mix glutinous rice flour and sweet potato puree thoroughly, and do not leave gnocchi.

The consistency is similar to yogurt, and you can stir out the lines.

Go up and down the pier, flatten the paste, and then open the water pot to cover a plate to save the water ingress,

Steam over medium heat for about 25 minutes

Steam it, take it out when the time is almost up, and mix it well with a spatula to make this relatively delicate state.

Add a little more cooked oil and continue to mix until the oil and paste are fully compatible and do not separate.

The oil is mainly to prevent too sticky and not good shaping later.

Then wrap the sweet potato puree with plastic wrap, flatten it, refrigerate it in the refrigerator for two hours to set the shape, take it out after the shape is set, sprinkle more bean flour on the board, and roll out the sweet potato puree with a rolling stick, anyway, the larger the rollout, the more layers.

And then roll it up like a roll, cut it into small pieces, and we’re ready to go.

This old dim sum is healthy and additive-free, delicious and not hot, and a bite is sweet and soft, which is really good.

【Fried sweet potato croquettes】

Or this basket of sweet potatoes with red hearts, let’s fry a delicious sweet potato balls, all charred on the outside and soft on the inside, sweet and soft and not greasy.

1. Peel the sweet potatoes first, slice and steam them.

After steaming, pour it into a basin and add some white sugar to increase the sweetness.

If you like to eat the original white sugar, you don’t need to put it.

Puree the sweet potatoes while hot, stir until there are no small pimples, and set aside to cool.


After the sweet potato puree is cooled, put 100 grams of glutinous rice starch and 30 grams of flour. The amount of starch and flour does not need to be too much, mainly to increase the viscosity of the dough. Too much will mask the sweet taste of sweet potatoes.

Stir until there is no dry flour and form a very soft dough.

Prepare an appropriate amount of chopped green onion, cut some diced carrots and put the dough together, grab and mix well, drizzle some oil, vegetable oil can make the fried meatballs softer and more delicious.


Heat oil in the pot, turn to low heat when the oil temperature rises to 5, start to put down the balls, grab a handful of filling and squeeze it into balls at the mouth of the tiger, and dip some water on the spoon to prevent sticking. Dig the meatballs into the pot one after another.

Keep the fire low when putting down the balls, and the oil temperature should not be too high, so as to avoid the color and raw and cooked of the balls before and after.

After the balls are finished, gently push with a spoon to push the sticks together. When the balls are all floating, they are basically ripe.

At this time, we turn the heat to high and fry for about 2 minutes, and when the surface of the balls is golden brown, we can fish out the control oil, and we can eat the controlled oil.

The sweet potato balls that have just come out of the pot are very hot, you should eat them carefully, you can’t eat hot balls in a hurry, let them dry and eat again so as not to burn yourself.

【Silver silk sweet potato balls】

Let’s continue to explore the delicious practice of sweet potatoes, this silver silk sweet potato ball that can be served as a dessert and a snack, guaranteed to be eye-opening, once out of the pot even picky eaters can not resist, not only the outside is soft and soft, the appearance is not ordinary, learned, can also show a hand when visiting guests.


Sweet potatoes with red hearts, sliced and steamed.

After steaming, put it in a basin to cool, grab and knead into sweet potato puree, try to be delicate and do not leave particles, and then pour an appropriate amount of white sugar, l put less water and stir well, put some flour, and then add some custard powder to increase the flavor and color.

Mix into a batter that can be balled.

2. The practice of silver filigree

Heat oil in a pot, put two handfuls of vermicelli when the oil temperature is 50% hot, and under the immersion and frying of hot oil, the vermicelli will quickly expand and become fluffy.

When frying, I often turn over and pour oil and keep blowing up the fans, which is what we call silver thread.

Pour out the oil to control the cooling, put the vermicelli in the basin and break it.

3. Croquettes

Heat the oil in the pot again, and when the oil temperature is fifty percent hot, turn on low heat and put the balls. This step of the fire must be small, otherwise it is easy to appear the surface fried paste inside is not ripe phenomenon.

Don’t fry too much at one time while frying, so as not to have the same color of the meatballs in the front and back pots. After all the blow-ups, let’s blow it up again.

At this time, you can use a fence to prevent the bottom of the paste, and the sweet potato balls will be very crispy after re-frying. Fry for 2 minutes, remove to control dry oil.

4. Boil sugar color

The color of boiled sugar is boiled with oil, there is boiled with water, the color boiled with oil is deep, it is not easy to master, let’s boil it with water today.

Add a little water to the pot, put a spoonful of white sugar, turn on low heat and stir constantly, and boil into a blue-yellow sugar juice.

At this time, put the sweet potato balls into the pot, quickly stir-fry until the sugar juice is covered with the balls, pour them out while hot, pour them into the basin containing the crushed vermicelli, and the upside-down pot is covered with vermicelli.

Take a look at this sweet potato crispy silver silk sweet potato balls on the table is definitely not disgraced, take a bite, with silver crisp mixed with the sweetness of sweet potato balls, you can’t stop eating it.

I am A Fei, low immunity in winter, give my family more “high folic acid” content of food, these 3 sweet potato practices, you can try, it is really a better taste than one, friends who like to eat sweet potatoes come and try it.