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Basic technical conditions of HS-6002GF communication box of single photovoltaic power station:

1 》AC power supply: rated voltage: 220V +10%-15%

2 ” Frequency: 50Hz ± 0.5Hz

3 ” waveform: sinusoidal, waveform distortion factor is not more than 5%

4》Input signal: rated current rms: In=5A, allowable overcurrent 10 times; Rated voltage rms: Un=100V, allowable overvoltage 2 times; When the transmitter is input, the rated output of the transmitter is: DC 4~20mA.

This single photovoltaic power station communication box HS-6002GF adopts a data collector to collect the signals of each inverter through the 485 communication cable. One 220V AC power supply is reserved in the factory as the box power supply.

Network: 2 networks + 4 strings + 1GPRS/4G

5》Functions and performance:

5.1 – Monitoring network structure: Adopt an open network structure. Remote monitoring is located in the owner’s monitoring room. The wireless transmission terminal of the partition layer is arranged in the outdoor communication box of each single power station. After the communication box data collector collects all the data of the inverter, it is transmitted to the owner’s monitoring background through the GPRS wireless terminal, and the operation and maintenance personnel can view the operation information of the photovoltaic power plant through the monitoring room.

5.2 – System Features:

The monitoring system completes the functions of monitoring, control information transmission and other functions of the electrical equipment of the entire power station, and the main functions are as follows:

Through the field (I/O) data acquisition unit to collect information, detect events, faults, status, displacement signals and analog quantities, limit crossing information, etc., carry out various preprocessing including data rationality verification, update the database in real time, and continuously collect the main parameters.

This single photovoltaic power station communication box HS-6002GF provides at least 2 Ethernet ports and 4 RS485 interfaces; Built-in rich communication protocol library, third-party system and device protocol support, communication protocol support IEC60870-5-103/104 and Modbus, can be easily connected to the owner’s power station monitoring system.

All components of HS-6002GF communication box HS-6002GF meet the wide temperature -45 °C ~ +75 °C conditions, and the equipment can work normally.

5.3 – Hardware Briefing:

Huashi Intelligent HS-6002GF monomer photovoltaic power station communication box hardware adopts mature, advanced, reliable and microprocessor-based industrial product equipment, the modules in the equipment are solid-state circuit, standardized, modular and plug-in structure, and with self-diagnosis display. The hardware has high maintainability, and the modules can be plugged and unplugged online; The hardware has expansion capabilities, supports structural expansion and remote upgrade, adopts relevant national industrial standards, and supports interconnection with other computer networks and different computer factory equipment (indicated when ordering); The equipment has good electromagnetic compatibility characteristics, and does not affect the normal operation of the computer monitoring system in the above operating environment.

5.4 – Regarding grounding:

Huashi Intelligent HS-6002GF has a stable and reliable grounding point, grounding through the public safety grounding grid of the power station, grounding resistance [4 Ω, and no separate grounding grid for computers. The protective grounding and working grounding of each equipment are not mixed, and the working grounding realizes a point of grounding. The metal shell of the related screen cabinet and other equipment is reliably connected.

5.5- Box structure, appearance and others:

HS-6002GF Huashi intelligent single photovoltaic power station communication box is installed outdoors, and the protection level is not less than IP65. The box is outdoor wall-mounted, and the box is equipped with AC220V socket.

The box thickness is not less than 2mm made of cold-rolled steel plate, sprayed/painted or cold-rolled steel plate galvanized spraying/lacquer production (galvanized layer + zinc-rich primer + intermediate paint + high weather resistance polyester topcoat or fluorocarbon topcoat; Galvanized layer + surface treatment + high weather resistance spray layer; The thickness of the single-sided zinc layer of the galvanized layer is not less than 15um, and the effective thickness of the coating is not less than 30um); Electrostatic spraying on the surface of the box, spraying thickness (80-120μm); The box structure has sufficient mechanical strength and rigidity, which can withstand the dynamic and thermal stable impact generated by the installed components and short circuit, and meet the long-distance transportation and on-site hoisting; The box body is moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, easy to dissipate heat, the protection level of the whole machine is not less than IP65, the thickness of the box opening door hinge is not less than 2.5mm of 304 stainless steel; exposed outdoor box door locks and other components are 304 stainless steel.

HS-6002GF Huashi intelligent single photovoltaic power station communication box waterproof, dustproof, rust-proof, sunscreen, meet outdoor use, wiring groove in the box, strong current and weak current separated, control signal line separate line. The rated voltage of the internal wiring is 1000V, moisture-proof heat insulation and fireproof cross-linked polyethylene insulated copper stranded wire, the minimum section of the power circuit is not less than 2.5mm2, and the minimum section of the remaining circuits is not less than 1.5mm2. The internal wiring connected to the terminal strip is identified by a marker strip and a marked wire sleeve. Crimp type terminals rated at 1000V. One terminal is connected to one wire. Leave insulating space between the terminal strips, which are arranged in segments according to function, and leave 10% of the spare terminals.

Huashi Intelligent HS-6002GF single photovoltaic power station communication box has sufficient support strength to ensure correct lifting, transportation, storage and installation.

Huashi Intelligent HS-6002GF monomer photovoltaic power station communication box surface is clean, and coated with one layer of primer and two layers of paint to prevent corrosion and rust in transportation, storage and operation.

Huashi intelligent single photovoltaic power station communication box HS-6002GF module flexible plugging, reliable contact, good interchangeability. Meet the ventilation and heat dissipation requirements of heating elements. Anti-static and electromagnetic radiation interference protection measures, the exposed part of the box is electrically connected into one, reliable grounding.

For unspecified matters, please refer to the relevant parts and drawings of the annexes of the technical agreement contract, and implement them in accordance with the latest national standards and specifications.

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