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Shirts, as the wardrobe item with the highest flop rate throughout the year, each style of shirt can be brought out to open a separate dressing article▼

People nowadays generally pursue

Wear more than one outfit

, and the shirt can be matched with almost all different pieces▼

This yellow shirt is very eye-catching and stands out in the dull autumn and winter tones▼

The crisp mint-green striped shirt and off-white wide-leg pants still seem to have a summer feeling, while the burgundy boots subtly pull back to “reality”▼

Vintage printed shirts and jeans are the best CP, and I can’t think of a more suitable combination than Martin boots, and it seems that time has been stepped back to the 90s▼

Don’t worry about putting away the small vest in summer, it’s good to use it as an underwear▼

Layering with a sweatshirt is also a proper preppy style, and the weather is getting cooler, warm and fashionable▼

Now that many places are already wearing coats this season, how can you not have a trench coat in autumn? ▼

The classic khaki trench coat looks good with a shirt▼

Today, I will introduce you to the matching formula of several shirts, so that the classic items in the wardrobe can also be revitalized▼

Tone on Tone

The same color is the key recommended matching method this year, saving worry and effort to concave a fashionable shape ▼

Tone on Tone can also be worn over a trench coat of the same color, white shoes and sunglasses are slightly brightened, and pure colors can also be worn to create a sense of layering▼

I can’t imagine that the denim suit is very colorful, not old-fashioned at all, and a trench coat adds a bit of retro feeling▼

The smoke-purple set is so beautiful, and it has a cold feeling that does not eat human fireworks▼

The all-white shape is very spiritual, and it is best to match it with a bag with bright colors or a chic shape, which takes into account the high-end and eye-catching way of dressing▼

The light cyan color has a sense of cold and high-end, and the design with multiple pockets is a casual functional style, and the glasses with this shape are very suitable for the theme of wearing▼

Layering knits

Slightly cooler areas can be and

Get up, tired of looking at the plain white shirt, you might as well try this look▼

Cool girls can also wear leather jackets as a buffer between black and white, instantly turning into a sassy retro look▼

Animal-print shirts were very popular last year, but this year it seems that I don’t like it very much, and layered knitted vests are a popular look▼

Sisters who love the All Black look want to get away from the dull atmosphere, and there will be a surprise with a blue shirt underneath! ▼

This stand-up collar sweater looks amazingly good with the shirt, and the bright orange shoes become the highlight of the look▼

The chemical reaction between all-white + beige white is a combination of high-grade and gentle in one▼

Black and white are simple but versatile, if you want to add new patterns, you can consider a pair of childlike small leather shoes▼

The matching of white shirt and jeans base is embellished with a checked knit vest, and the powder blue color scheme is cute ~▼

Layering coats

The neutral combination of a black suit, black shirt and tie is simply not too cool▼

Loose shirts and suits are actually quite recommended

Small areas of exposed legs

, but for the climate, it is more suitable for southern friends▼

The same camel suit is two different interpretations, the former is smart and vivid, the latter is low-key and restrained▼

The oversized lapel shirt has a sweet retro feeling, and the oversized temperament that can be too sweet to suppress the suit comes up at once▼

This Look is actually a very basic matching method, shirts, shoes and bags have chosen camel lit black suits, the feeling of late autumn is full at once, and the shape is not limited by the height of the loose style▼

The striped turtleneck shirt looks special, and the simple style is not heavy, which is very suitable for commuting▼

The silhouette of a long suit is more stylish than the casual and languid effect of a trench coat▼

I didn’t expect that the cargo jacket would also have a special flavor when stacked, and the neutral style could also interpret a simple and fashionable high street style▼

That’s it for Amway today, what is everyone’s favorite way to dress? Let’s discuss it together~

Layering knits