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As one of the hottest models in Japanese miscellaneous, many of Satoko Miyata’s outfits are very instructive, and can also make many girls who are more confused in dressing and matching, and do not have clear ideas find some inspiration. Here are a few sets of outfits that are super suitable for summer outings, the color combination is simple, and the selection of items is also very simple, no matter how old you are, you can basically use it.

Many girls’ matching will be based on simple design, whether it is the choice of clothing or the combination of colors, they can have such characteristics, and will maintain a basic simple style.

Take color as an example, too many fancy colors, difficult to control, a little inattentive will easily form a clear sense of violation, or application

The combination between black and white is the safest

。 This black sleeveless top has a loose look and a noticeable drape, so if you want to reflect the slim legs, remember to wear it with slim pants.

Wearing with a wide top and a tight bottom

Not everyone can use it, for those who are not very good with congenital leg conditions, thick thighs and uneven calves are not symmetrical enough, which is a kind of shortcoming that they bring, and they can directly use looser pants to cover up this disadvantage.

Like this one

Black sleeveless top

, It is matched with looser pants, but the pants themselves have a certain sense of formality, and they belong to the same items that women of all ages can use, basically outdated, and can also shape a variety of styles of wear, without restrictions.

T-shirts are often a popular item, especially in summer, both men and women, young and old, can use the same style of white T-shirts. In order to cater to the simple theme, the white T-shirt can also be simplified as much as possible.

Satoko Miyata uses it

Loose black slip dress

, you can use the extreme contrast of color to collide and display in layers. The key is that the combination of these two types of clothing effectively weakens the age, but the color does not pretend to be tender, revealing a clear natural and generous temperament.

Many girls with better legs will also prefer looser pants, which is precisely because of the spaciousness of their shape. It does not form a tight fit with the legs, making it more comfortable to wear.

This one used by Satoko Miyata

Khaki pants

, in fact, is a good match, that is, no matter what the season, no matter what the temperature, no matter how the matching piece is cut or how the color changes, you can use it to intersperse into the shape without any visual discomfort or abruptness.

When you’re using a piece of ordinary color and design, you definitely want to wear it with a new feeling, and starting from the perspective of color is also a quick way.

Satoko Miyata uses it

A match of a black T-shirt and a purple skirt

The more personalized color is placed in the lower body, which effectively reduces the high requirements for skin color brought by the personality color.

To say the most summery piece, you must nominate a dress, the different designs make it show a lot of temperament, and the whole selection range of women is quite wide. But some people don’t like to try dresses that are too direct, that is, overly decorated pieces on the outside. The black basic dress can fully meet the requirements of their outfit.

This one

Black sleeveless skirt

, in fact, there is a coordination effect on the proportions, and the cutting of the V-neck also has an elongating effect on girls with rounded upper bodies and larger faces.

Some people feel that the bleakness of black dresses is too full, and often makes people feel that they are not light enough. Choose a sleeveless style and completely break this deficiency in one fell swoop.

But there is also a requirement for the curve of the arm, you can put on a thinner long cardigan or long shirt as a cover, full of flow.

The sleeveless top can also carry a full summer atmosphere, because it can play its unique advantages in this season, reducing the coverage of the fabric and creating a refreshing feeling. Especially sleeveless tops with lighter colors can look very simple.

Leggings with sleeveless tops

, in fact, it will cause her entire leg shape to become more obvious, worried that she will appear fat, wearing casual wide-leg pants, and also have a special style.

Sleeveless pieces will have different interpretations of style due to the change of material. Knitted fabrics show enough tenderness due to their high elasticity, and have also become favored by many mature women.

Simple pairing with jeans will enhance the casual or casual street look. Jeans are no more stretchy than knitted tops, so it is more important to choose a certain style according to the shape of the leg.

As one of the hottest models in Japan, Satoko Miyata’s outfit is very suitable for ordinary people to learn, whether it is the combination of colors or the choice of items, you can present a sense of simplicity as much as possible.

Like this look, T-shirts and wide-leg pants are most common. Coordinating the hem of the T-shirt with the waist of the pants will visually lengthen the legs.

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Satoko Miyata uses it