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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Entering the spring and summer of 2021, Japan BIG JOHN “XXXX-EXTRA” cotton denin series products from five continents have a new member. Two new 15.8oz denim vests (VEST) are available in the retro XX602B (button) and the stylish XX602Z (zipper).

In terms of details, like the jacket, the pocket is embroidered with a small tag with the letters BIGJOHN. FEATURING THE SAME IRON DONUT MAIN CLASP AS THE CLASSIC RARE SERIES, ENGRAVED WITH SINE BIG JOHN★1940★.

The rivets are made of the same brass metal as the Tough Jeans blockbuster series, which is quite atmospheric and is also meticulously engraved with the small letters Big John. This is the product of the BIG JOHN process.

The cotton thread used in them was supplied by the traditional Taisho spinning company, dyed by Mr. Ransei Itamoto himself 16 times, and the weaving is produced using old-fashioned looms from the Okayama Factory, and the surface of the weave looks rough but is very pleasant to the touch.

Of course, the biggest feature is the 80th anniversary jeans jacket, the cotton comes from five continents, such as South American organic Aspiro cotton (50%), North American organic Texas Subima cotton (10%), European organic Turkish cotton (25%), Asian organic Indian cotton (5%) and African Tanzania organic cotton (5%).

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Tips: Denim vests can be raised with jeans or jackets, so you can wear them for a long time and still produce a unique color. (See the Five Continents Cotton series jackets and jeans below)

CURRENTLY BIG JOHN XXXX-EXTRA FAMILY MEMBERS ALREADY HAVE JEANS, DENIM JACKETS AND DENIM VESTS, WHICH BASICALLY MEET THE NEEDS OF DIFFERENT GROUPS OF PEOPLE. Which one do you like? Welcome to join the denim say [primary color jeans exchange] circle message to communicate with us, thank you

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