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Every summer, when I want to go out shopping with my little sisters, my mind has to start thinking about how to wear it in order to see the past different, without overexerting excessive force and not affecting eating (

That’s the most important point


Ok, want

Comfort and styling

, the editor immediately thought of it

Floral shirt

β€”β€”Today I will solve the problem 😌 of “no clothes to wear” that you want to mention when you open the wardrobe

As the leader of the short-sleeved shirt industry, whether it is a major fast fashion brand or an established fashion house, it is necessary to launch various styles of Hawaiian shirts (Aloha shirt) to meet the needs of all fashionable and elficial.

Typical of Cuban collars, such shirts usually have V-shaped lapels and are suitable for sweltering summer days – neutralizing the formality of the shirt’s fit while being refreshing and cool. So how exactly can it be matched?

The universal formula is “black and white”

Regarding Anya’s “Descendants Abandoned”, have you paid attention to the costumes of the characters in the play. The early style of the heroine Beth is heavily influenced by the fashion icon called Jean Seberg in the 60s, and combines American Hollywood classics with French-chic unique to Parisians.

Even the basic pieces in your wardrobe can be worn with a casual and free-flowing aesthetic. Beth’s shirt does not spend flowers, simple square arrangement, with the most basic black pants, not only to ensure the regularity of formal occasions, but also to distinguish from the same white shirt.

The shirt’s blues and black abstract lines are especially memorable. Paired with a short black skirt (which also has details, but is not obtrusive) and embellished with a misty blue bag, the whole looks very layered.

In the case that black and white can highlight the characteristics of the shirt color, white can brighten the skin tone like a reflector. Compared with white shirts, printed shirts are also more layered and thin.

In the same way, a clean white vest + wide-leg pants can also make the floral shirt not dazzling and not produce a sense of cheapness. Boyish’s silhouette shirt is toned with a large area of white and goes well with stiletto sandals.

Like this, only buttoning the buttons above the stomach, the wide floral shirt with white jeans, revealing a belt, is equally good-looking.

The plaid shirt and pleated skirt are also highly matched, and the belt is embellished to optimize the proportions of the figure. When choosing a plaid shirt, you must remember,

The small lattice is more delicate and better

The tonal color is more layered

If you want to show a stronger dressing skill, use this idea to use floral shirts to effect too well.

At the entry level, choose this kind of low saturation, and the overall construction will be more low-key; But after all, it is a floral shirt, which is very artistic in itself, and the texture of the same color is even higher.

With makeup is a truth, earth color or near skin tone is also the easiest to produce the effect, just turn out the khaki pants in the wardrobe, high-end sense upup.

Or maybe you look for a floral shirt whose main color is blue, because jeans are the most common blue item. Like AA’s one, pair it directly with light-colored jeans; The colors of sandals and bags also matched.

With cargo pants, it is more capable and handsome~ The overall tone of tie-dye tops is light, so according to the principle of shallow and deep, the sense of layering comes out immediately.

Slim-fit shirt embellished with yellow florets with orange wide-leg pants; striped narrow silk scarf tied around the waist with a green underarm bag; The long red gloves match the headband – “This man can wear it!” ”

The large area of yellow is also very suitable for summer, and the straw hat we want to wear is not a color system; If you want pants, choose a khaki or cream white, and the overall color will be very bright.

In addition to that, you can…

The originally more basic blue striped shirt, embellished with a minimalist and thick line floral pattern; Play Lower Body Missing, Super Fried Street.

A shirt with a wide fit and French underwear to make the back appear thinner and reduce the feeling of restraint. The whole thing is like a thin body swinging in clothes, and the strength is tall and thin.

Flamboyant floral shirts can also be more feminine. Creamy white cutout shirt with knotted hem and white bandeau underneath. The overall color is the same, but full of details, but not all the benefits of a floral shirt ~

You can also use a light-colored floral shirt to match the richer underwear, this is free to play, swimwear, skirts and everything.

Edit good stuff recommendations

Simple Retro Rose print loose shirt

Reference price: 268

The skin-friendly and cold feel of the Celestial bottom embryo is really suitable for summer. The rose elements on the shirt are embellished with each other, which is beautiful and intriguing.

Golden Matrx dΓ©cor psychedelic loose-sleeved short-sleeved men’s and women’s shirts

Reference price: 249

This shirt is blue-purple, the whole is very fresh, and it is also the kind with a loose silhouette. And this shop focuses on neutral style, so it is also very suitable for couples’ outfits.




Discounted price:


The embroidery on this dress is meticulous, and the fabric is environmentally friendly and wrinkle-resistant, which is the general trend of fashion.

Everyone is more concerned about the way to match, this shirt can also achieve a very ideal effect, can be worn for three quarters. Yellow is also particularly energetic.

Secret fan Dark green color-block beach animal polka-dot print vintage shirt



Friends who like print elements can take a look at the secret fan store, which is very different in the choice of patterns.

This small suit lapel combines a contrasting design with a tiger hand-painted print in satin.

There are a total of three colors: yellow, green and blue, which belong to the kind with relatively high saturation and are very impactful.

Fan classic white lace embroidered cutout shirt



The editor couldn’t move the store here, so he privately put on another piece πŸ‘… of Double Dragon embroidery on this collar, which is very interesting. The micro-padded shoulder design optimizes head-to-body ratios, so it’s hard not to start.

Kira & Yanng Pop fruit print puff sleeve top

Original price: 528

Discount price: 98

Prints with a stark summer character,

The first time I saw it, my inner thought was to go to a tropical island…!

It is also suitable for multiple wear, both square and straight necks. If you wear it with the lower body, it is okay to wear it in white or the same color.




Very fresh green print, whether you wear a skirt inside or wear it directly, it will look good. The puff sleeves in the middle sleeves are better able to improve the arm line.

Write to the end

Not to Sanya, not to Hawaii

No coconut trees, no palms

Also wear a floral shirt and change into a physically and mentally active girl πŸ’“

Image source: Visual ChinaNetwork

Edited by Yokiko

Written by: Yuqing

Β© Poster fashion




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