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Whenever I talk about hooded sweatshirts, people always ask me “how to wear hooded sweatshirts to be foreign”, this question is not difficult to say, it is not simple to say. As for how to solve it, you may wish to learn from Ma Yili’s trend matching and wear different styles with “hooded sweatshirts”, which is really energetic. Ma Yili, who wears a “hooded sweatshirt”, is really foreign, and her shape is simple and fashionable, so you can’t go wrong with wearing it.

1. Hooded sweatshirt + leggings

Cuff pants are pants with shrinkage cuffs, elastic band at the waistband, and slightly loose legs, with a comfortable and comfortable upper body effect, interpreting a casual style.

It just so happens that hooded sweatshirts also focus on casual style, and when the two are paired together, they can interpret the casual style to the fullest, whether they are worn on the body or in the eyes, there will be an extremely comfortable feeling.

However, because the style and style of hooded sweatshirts and leggings are relatively fixed, in order to avoid wearing a sense of popularity, we should work color matching. The more colorful the color matching, the more outstanding the “hooded sweatshirt + leggings” look. Below, I will give you two color matching methods, which are worth learning.

Sweet potato purple + black

Sweet potato purple belongs to a purple family, because the hue is close to the color of sweet potato, it is named “sweet potato purple”. Surprisingly, this color not only sounds good in name, but also charms. Among them, showing white lining is the biggest charm of taro purple color, all items that use this color are particularly white, and taro purple hooded sweatshirt is no exception.

There are many colors that are suitable for matching taro purple, and there are two reasons why it is recommended that you choose black. First, because black has a slimming effect, it can further improve the slimness of the corset pants, lining the legs thinner and longer; Second, because the color presence of black is strong, it helps to increase the overall shape appeal.

2. Army green + gray

Because the use of military green in the clothing industry is extremely low, military green hooded sweatshirts are very rare, which is why military green hooded sweatshirts can effortlessly wear such a dazzling effect as Ma Yili. However, in terms of color matching, there is a certain difficulty.

If you can’t find a good-looking and foreign color scheme, you may wish to consider “army green + gray”. Gray is one of the basic colors, with versatility, high-grade dual charm, with military green, not only no sense of obtrusion, but also particularly advanced, most suitable for ordinary people, to ensure that everyone can wear a good temperament.

3. Hooded sweatshirt + jeans

The “hooded sweatshirt + jeans” is common in everyday life, and it is no exaggeration to say that at least eight out of ten people wear it. However, the majority of people who wear “hooded sweatshirts + jeans” are young women in their twenties, and middle-aged women over 40 rarely wear them. Perhaps because of wearing less and seeing less, middle-aged women feel a little hard when they control this way of dressing.

Through Ma Yili’s outfit effect, I made two suggestions to middle-aged women. The first point is about the color of jeans, I recommend choosing a color similar to the hooded sweatshirt, just like Ma Yili’s look, the color of the hooded sweatshirt and jeans is a light color. With the help of the similarity of colors, it not only gives people simple beauty, but also conforms to the temperament image of middle-aged women. The second point is about the fit of jeans, I recommend choosing a loose fit, comfortable and comfortable, but also conducive to hiding leg fat and covering leg deficiencies.

If you don’t have Ma Yili’s slender figure and tall size, it is difficult to wear a simple and comfortable dressing effect. If your body shape and height are better than Ma Yili, then you can safely wear “hooded sweatshirt + loose jeans”.

4. Hooded sweatshirt + lamb wool coat

For the collocation of “hooded sweatshirt + lamb wool coat”, many people dare not try it, and when asked about the reason, it is nothing more than worry about appearing fat. This is true, the loose fit of the hooded sweatshirt collides with the plush fabric of the lamb wool coat, and there is indeed a great risk of fattening. So, how did Ma Yili avoid this risk?

In my opinion, thanks to the contrasting color scheme of “brown + white”. Brown and white are two completely different colors, because their brightness, saturation, and hue are different, so they have a strong visual impact and firmly grasp people’s visual focus. Once people notice the color scheme of the clothing, they can ignore the effect of the upper body.

Therefore, when everyone wears a “hooded sweatshirt + lamb wool coat”, they should also learn from Ma Yili, adopt a contrasting color matching method, and use color differences to shift people’s attention from the figure to the color.

Regarding Ma Yili’s outfit, I will introduce it here, I hope that after reading it, you can get a variety of ways to wear a hooded sweatshirt. If you still want to know more and better looking hooded sweatshirts, please leave a message.

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